Dynamic, Global Infrastructure

Skytap delivers enterprise agility and scale for your traditional applications. Skytap delivers a 99.95% availability SLA and a global footprint.

Flexible Infrastructure Choices

We recognize that needs may differ across businesses, so we’ve created infrastructure options that are flexible. Migrate traditional applications to Skytap unchanged and deliver instant, on-demand access to production-ready environments.


Public datacenter regions and shared hosts used by the majority of Skytap customers. Learn more

Single-Tenant, Dedicated Regions

For customers who require dedicated hosts and regions, typically due to more stringent compliance requirements.

Single-Tenant, Dedicated Hosts

For Skytap customers who require a dedicated host in an existing region.

IBM Power Systems

IBM Power in the Cloud with Support for IBM i, AIX, and Linux Workloads. Learn more

Skytap supports all operating systems on IBM Power

Software-Defined Datacenters and Networks

Environments are the basis of our virtual datacenters. They provide highly customizable compute, storage, OS, and network resources with BIOS access. With unique support for complex layer 2 and layer 3 networking and with secure VPN and NAT connections to external environments, you define your own network security topology at will, including firewalls and network defense appliances to create your modern hybrid applications.

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Administration Built To Achieve DevOps

Our approach to administrations puts the right tools in the hands of your team members so they can work efficiently. From granular access controls and quotas, to configuring and replicating environments, to sharing with portals and projects – you have everything you need to modernize your team processes toward DevOps.

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Secure by Design

Skytap is designed for security and enables you to apply your existing security processes and tools to our platform. We perform continuous vulnerability assessments and critical codebase monitoring pre-release with security in-depth across the entire cloud platform.

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Integrate and Automate

Automate provisioning, resource access, and monitoring use an existing 3rd party integration or directly with Skytap’s RESTful API.

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Perform detailed usage reporting using your own allocations and tracking schema by applying tags and labels to your assets. Using our dashboard analytics, you can view audit and usage data, your service health dashboard, and recent activity summary. Always be in the know by setting up alerts and notifications on your resources.

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Modern Capabilities When You Are Ready

Introduce new technologies and cloud services to traditional applications by building and managing containers side by side with traditional components. With Skytap you get agnostic support for container management and orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesosphere, and more.

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