Designed for DevOps

Administration Designed for DevOps

Balance control and management of resources to enable your teams to work more efficiently. With a balanced approach, the IT backlog is reduced, security is intact, management of resources becomes the responsibility of the team and all roles are moving in synch. Skytap simplifies many tasks enabling teams to engage in a self-service, on-demand fashion, all from a single dashboard.

Suspend, Resume, and Schedule Your Environments

Suspend working environments for short-term cost reduction or long-term cold storage. Start one resource at a time or spin up the entire application all at once. Create schedules to start or automatically suspend resources to eliminate idle infrastructure and associated costs.

Templates Simplify Everything

With public templates available in the Skytap template library, you can start building immediately. Templates make everything easier by allowing you to reuse configurations. Configure environments once, then save as read-only for immediate provisioning and scaling. Easily view template contents and add tags and labels for easy searchability.

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Many Templates

Cloning and Sharing Makes Reuse a Snap

Copy complete application environments including environments, templates, and complex layer 2 and layer 3 networks – all within the same region or across global regions. Within minutes they are available for use by your team.

Many Templates

Use Your Resources, Manage Your Costs

Granular usage limit configurations are available across global regions, departments, and users. If you’re in crunch time and reaching your limit, turn on Burst and more resources will be made available to your subscription immediately. Get peace of mind knowing that you can configure notifications to warn you when thresholds are getting close.


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