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 Power Systems

Unlock IBM Power in the Cloud with Support for IBM i, AIX, and Linux Workloads

Now you can innovate faster by extending the benefits of cloud computing to your mission-critical Power applications with Skytap Cloud.

Blueworx Integrates IBM Watson with Skytap Cloud

Blueworx modernizes its IVR platform by integrating IBM Watson’s language and speech capabilities with traditional AIX components in Skytap Cloud.

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Broad Compute Support

Skytap Cloud natively supports AIX, IBM i, and Linux Enterprise for Redhat, Ubuntu, and Suse running on IBM Power Systems alongside traditional x86 workloads and containers.

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Migrate & Run Power Applications in the Cloud

Skytap Cloud replicates your datacenter down to layer 2 and layer 3 networking, enabling you to rapidly migrate AIX, Linux, and IBM i applications to Skytap Cloud without refactoring or rearchitecting.

To learn more about our replication solutions and see use cases, visit our detailed migration page.

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Recover Quickly From System Failures

Skytap supports multiple DR solutions for a range of business requirements. Software-based replication, whether it’s warm or cold, on-prem or within a Skytap location, is more flexible and affordable than hardware-based replication, allowing you to recover in minutes from system failures.

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Enable Innovation & Agile Development

Once in Skytap Cloud, teams can remove bottlenecks throughout the SDLC by providing the on-demand environments needed for faster development cycles. Skytap Cloud environments integrate with your existing Power DevOps tooling, as well as IBM UrbanCode and Azure DevOps, to accelerate and automate application delivery from build through deployment.

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Licensing Compliance in Skytap Cloud

Ensuring license compliance is critical to governing your cloud computing costs. Skytap Cloud includes AIX, IBM i, and Linux licensing in the cost of its Power compute resources, and provides appropriate license-compliant functionality with the tools necessary to track and report on Oracle usage. Customers can purchase cloud resources on an hourly, monthly or annual subscription.

For IBM i, customers are able to specify the licensing package add-ons, and dedicated service tools they want to include, along with the pricing model they prefer.

To learn more about licensing Oracle and AIX in Skytap Cloud, download our whitepaper.


Take an Interactive Tour of Skytap Cloud

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