The Power to See, the Ability to Change

Skytap combines rapid reporting with granular usage control to give you the tools to analyze the past and correct for the future.

Reports When You Need Them

No more waiting for the daily data dump. Skytap maintains and provides access to usage and audit data in near real-time, so your reports are ready when you are.

Stay on Budget with Multi-Level Monitoring

At every level, Skytap gives you the tools to monitor account usage and put in limits when needed. Monitor global account usage with the Current Usage dashboard, then drill down all the way from regions to departments and individual users.

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Many Templates

Generate Custom Reports

Skytap provides a variety of reporting parameters and filters so you can create precise, customized reports. Monitor compute and storage resources account-wide or splice and dice by region, users, groups, and departments. Labels offer even deeper analysis while options for reporting periods and aggregates provide historical context.

Eliminate Dirty Data

Too often, duplicate categories and mismatched labels lead to unreliable reports and faulty analysis. With Skytap, administrators curate label categories that are automatically assigned to resources, generating clean, organized data for accurate spend analysis. End users can still assign their own custom tags to resources for personal or contextual tracking.

Many Templates

Identify Idle Capacity

Skytap automatically tracks when resources were created and last used. Use search filters to discover and delete idle or redundant resources to free up capacity for more important workloads.

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Preventing Cloud Sprawl With Transparency and Control

Download the guide to learn how you can ensure cloud resources are used wisely and efficiently, while establishing the right safeguards for future spend.