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Copy to Region

Skytap’s environments-first approach allows for entire environments to be copied from one Skytap region to another with a single command. The complexity of the environment, including the VMs, networks, applications, data, and connectivity to on-premises are replicated in the destination region with zero configuration drift. This approach:

  • Enables follow-the-sun development and testing
  • Prevents configuration drift between environments
  • Ensures the lowest latency possible
  • Decreases or eliminates the need to write and maintain infrastructure-as-code manifests and recipes

Sharing Portals

Skytap Sharing Portals enable environment owners to give revocable access to an environment or a subset of an environment with a simple URL, and provide:

  • One-click access using only HTML5 libraries
  • Multiple concurrent users on the same VM host and OS session using the Skytap over-the-shoulder view
  • Remote employee, consultant, and vendor use without having access to the corporate network
  • A mix of view-only, interactive guest OS access, and full control (including power state changes), from a single URL
  • Secure access using a password, single sign-on, or IP whitelisting
  • Configurable access for certain times of day, up until a given date and time or for a limited number of hours

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A non-administrator user in Skytap only has access to the resources that he or she has created in addition to public templates and assets provided directly by Skytap. Role-based access controls for Projects provide flexibility in sharing resources by enabling:

  • Quick sharing of Skytap Templates, Environments, and Assets with other users or groups of users
  • Multiple roles with cascading permissions (viewer, participant, editor, manager, owner) that govern what a project member may do with each resource

Choice of Access

Skytap Environment owners can provide access to colleagues and partners using their preferred tools and methodologies by making use of:

  • SmartRDP – Enable RDP access without the need to open any ports
  • Published Services (including RDP, SSH, SFTP, SCP, etc.) – Map any VM’s port to a randomly selected, high-value port number
  • Public IP – Expose any VM to the public Internet
  • API tokens – Share programmatic access to environments and VMs

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