Container Management
Simplify application modernization with containers

Move to Modern with Containers

Skytap Cloud Container Management enables IT to simplify and speed up application modernization. Develop, deploy, and manage containerized and non-containerized application components side-by-side in a single cloud environment.

Skytap Cloud Container Management integrates with everything from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes, allowing your enterprise to choose its preferred container tooling and avoid vendor lock-in.

Unified Management

Manage containerized and non-containerized applications using a single pane of glass.

Choose Your Tooling

Skytap Container Management integrates with everything from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes.

Control Over Containers

Ensure environments match production, including OS, patch level, virtual hardware settings, and container runtime versions.

How It Works

One: Import into Skytap

Import VMware images, vApps, and AIX unchanged.

Two: Create Environment

Run traditional VMs alongside containers in a blended environment.

Three: Save a Template

Save your environment as a template for provisioning in seconds.

Four: Clone and Share

Copy your environment, then share via a secure URL.

Five: Iterate Rapidly

Deploy containers with new functionality or versions of existing functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skytap is the only public cloud that allows you to choose your own container tooling while still fully integrating the containers into the cloud platform. Other public clouds require you to treat container hosts as just another server and bury the containers inside another virtual machine, or lock you into vendor-specific container tooling.
Skytap Container Management supports docker container runtime.
Skytap Container Management supports docker 1.9 and later.
Skytap Container Management can integrate with your enterprise’s preferred choice of container platform and orchestration tooling, including Docker Swarm, Docker Datacenter, Kubernetes, Rancher, and more.

Skytap Container Management works with all Linux distributions that support docker container runtime. Windows Server 2016 is not supported at this time.
To get started with Skytap Container Management, users must have a Skytap Cloud account with a Skytap VM running both docker and the Skytap agent.
Skytap users can access Skytap Container Management via any HTML browser or through Skytap’s RESTful APIs.
There is no additional charge for Skytap Container Management. It is included with your Skytap Cloud subscription.
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