Dynamic, Global Infrastructure

Skytap Cloud infrastructure enables enterprise agility and scale


Plan workloads and regions for traditional applications

Highly Available

99.95% availability SLA

Global Footprint

10 datacenter regions with the ability to add new regions on-demand

Multi-Tenant or Single-Tenant

Choose between public or private datacenter regions

Support for Traditional Apps

Migrate AIX on IBM Power Systems or VMware virtualizations on x86
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Flexible Pricing

Pricing models are tailored to and designed to scale with your workloads


Highly performant storage, compute, and networking


Proven storage technologies with triple redundancy

Networking Support

High-speed VPN connection to on-premises datacenters
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Skytap Cloud is designed for security and enables you to apply your existing security processes and tools to our platform

Secure Architecture

Security in-depth across entire cloud platform
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Secure Software Development

Continuous vulnerability assessments and critical codebase monitoring pre-release
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Routine Penetration Testing

Regular penetration testing completed by third-party resources
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Industry Standard Certifications

Skytap builds and operates in accordance with security best practices and will provide documentation in support of SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 and others.
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Support for SSO Authentication

SAML 2.0 for federated logins into the Skytap Cloud interface
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Isolated Environments

Environments are separate from one another and can be segregated to suit security protocols and perimeters
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Dedicated Regions

Choose dedicated regions for sensitive data or workloads
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Flexible, Software-Defined Network

Define your own network security topology at will, including firewalls and network defense appliances
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Role-Based Access Controls

Granular access controls enable enterprises to set permissions at the region, department, and user level.
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Migration Capabilities

Migrate VMware and AIX workloads unchanged

Move without Rearchitecting

Migrate traditional applications to Skytap Cloud unchanged
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Rapid Import

Manage large scale imports in days with Skytap Cloud’s Client Import Management Appliance

Professional Services

Expert consulting and assistance with your migration
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Virtual Datacenter Environments

Enable agile development for traditional applications

Complex Application Environments

An environment combines applications, infrastructure, networking, OS, middleware, storage, and memory state into a single, replicable unit.
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Software-Defined Networking

Unique support for complex layer 2 and layer 3 networking. Secure VPN and NAT connections to external environments.

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Flexible Resources

Highly customizable compute, storage, OS, and network resources as well as BIOS access.


Instant, on-demand access to production-ready environments for end users
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Configure environments once, then save as read-only templates for immediate provisioning and scaling
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Replicate complete application environments including complex layer 2 and layer 3 networks
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Integrate with your existing tools using the REST API, command-line interface, or open source integrations built on Skytap Cloud
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Automate provisioning, resource access, and monitoring via the REST API

Easy Sharing and Collaboration

Copy identical environments to global datacenter regions and share with teams via simple URLs
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Modern Capabilities

Introduce new technologies and cloud services to traditional applications

Container Management

Build and manage containers side by side with traditional components

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Container Frameworks

Agnostic support for container management and orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesosphere, and more
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Support Hybrid Applications

NAT and direct connect to other clouds or on-premises datacenters

Visibility and Control

Control performance, govern usage and spend

Role-based Access and Quota

Set access and control quotas at region, department, and user level

Suspend and Resume

Suspend working environments for short-term cost reduction or long-term cold storage


Set timed, graceful suspends of resources to reduce idle infrastructure and associated costs

API Automation

Control and automate Skytap Cloud functionality, including usage reports, with the REST API

Tags and Labels

Perform detailed usage reporting using your own allocations and tracking schema

Dashboard Analytics

Extensive audit and usage data, service health dashboard, recent activity summary


Set automatic usage alerts and notifications


Skytap Cloud Architecture

Built to handle the complexity of enterprise application workloads in large volume and global scale

Scale-Out, Modern Architecture

Skytap Cloud is highly available and scalable utilizing a microservices architecture, container management, and Kubernetes orchestration

Hardware and Hypervisor Agnostic

All Skytap Cloud resources are designed to be hardware and hypervisor agnostic. Skytap Cloud offers direct support for VMware ESX and IBM PowerVM.

Patented Technology

Nine patents granted. Two patents allowed. Seven patents pending.

Skytap Cloud Architecture