Environments Enable
     Cloud Innovation

Environments Over Infrastructure

Environments are the building blocks of application development and delivery. They should be the building blocks of cloud, too.

Skytap Cloud environments replicate production settings in their entirety. A single environment encapsulates infrastructure, networking, storage, OS, software, and memory state into a single unit of work that can be cloned, copied to one or more worldwide regions, and shared in seconds.

Skytap Cloud’s environments-first approach to cloud infrastructure enables IT teams to provide the self-service resources needed for agile development, while dynamic management controls eliminate idle infrastructure and only utilize capacity when environments are in use.

Migrate Without Rework

Skytap Cloud environments act like “virtual datacenters” and fully replicate a traditional application’s complete, on-premises datacenter environment. This capability is unique to Skytap Cloud and makes it possible for the application to be migrated without refactoring, rearchitecting, or replatforming.

Skytap Cloud supports a wide range of complex, traditional application configurations, including VMware virtualizations of Linux, Solaris, or Windows running on x86 and AIX running on IBM Power Systems.

Designed for DevOps

Once in Skytap Cloud, enterprises improve business agility by adopting modern development practices like agile and DevOps. One of the core tenets of DevOps is the ability to automate the provisioning of the environments development and test teams need in a self-service, on-demand fashion. In Skytap Cloud, teams deploy identical application environments in parallel to streamline development and testing, complete faster defect resolution, and accelerate the release cycle of higher quality software.

Skytap Cloud environments are built with features that support and enable faster development:

  • Blended Environments: Enable rapid, end to end testing with environments that combine traditional application components of AIX, Windows, Linux, and Solaris alongside containerized application components
  • Self-Service: Teams are empowered to self-provision environment instantaneously with a single click
  • Clone: Cloned environments are identical down to layer 2 and layer 3 network settings and running memory state, eliminating configuration drift
  • Share: Provide revocable access to an environment or virtual machine with a simple URL
  • Copy to Region: Copy an environment from one datacenter region to another with a single command
  • REST API: Automate the entire functionality of Skytap Cloud and integrate environments with your existing infrastructure as code tooling
  • Build and Manage Hybrid Applications

    Skytap Cloud provides the foundation for building, running, and evolving hybrid applications by combining the best of new cloud services with the most valuable components of traditional applications. These applications maximize the ROI from IT investments in traditional applications and simultaneously accelerate innovation with microservices and other advanced cloud capabilities.

    Skytap Cloud enables enterprises to modernize applications over time, by incrementally introducing cloud-native services and architectures. Container Management integrates with everything from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes and provides IT with the ability to manage containerized and non-containerized application components side-by-side in a single cloud environment.

    Secure connections via VPN and NAT provide enterprises with the ability to connect to application components remaining on-premises or running in other clouds.