Global Environments for Global Workforces

Environments are key to the software and product delivery lifecycle. However, having enough environments in the right locations can be challenging for even the most sophisticated enterprise. With Skytap, your end users have self-service access to fully configured environments in minutes.

Skytap’s Template approach ensures that each environment is exactly the same, right down to the IP and MAC addresses.

Skytap Environments take seconds to provision, eliminating hours or days of wait-time for teams.

Ease of Use
Skytap’s intuitive design enables a self-service approach to requesting and creating environments.

Global Presence

Enterprise teams are more distributed today than ever before. Whether your end users are sitting in the same office or thousands of miles apart, the environments they use should not slow them down. The Skytap cloud allows any environment to be cloned between any of its seven global data centers, putting the environments as close as possible to the people using them.

Key Features

Skytap solves the challenges of consistency, speed, and usability of enterprise environments. While other cloud providers continue to race to the lowest cost for raw infrastructure, Skytap focuses on the total cost of ownership, software quality, and time to market. These are just a few of the features that make Skytap the global public cloud designed specifically for the enterprise.

Hybrid Cloud
Connect to systems that must remain on premises

Visibility and Control
Get dashboards, reporting, and audit trail capabilities

Eliminate VM sprawl by holding users accountable

Let users create the environments they need without waiting

Copy complex environments with their state using two mouse clicks

Copy to Region
Rapidly move or copy environments between Skytap regions

Sharing Portals
Provide highly configurable access to environments through a single URL

HTML5 Guest Access
Eliminate the need to install clients or plugins