The Only Cloud Service Designed to Run Traditional Applications

Little Risk, Big Reward

Risk or reward? A complete rewrite or migration to phased modernization?

It’s easy, fast, and safe to migrate your traditional applications to Skytap, and then modernize at your own pace. We deliver cloud benefits in weeks, not months or years. True self-service, on-demand resources enable you to create your own software-defined datacenter and networks with environments on demand that work in the cloud just like in your datacenter. Gain all the benefits of cloud speed and scale with little risk and big reward.


“What Skytap brings to the table is repeatability. In three minutes and one touch of a button, you can have your environments fully configured. That’s the true value.”— Steven Carlino, CA Technologies

Intentionally Simple, Extremely Capable

We’ve worked hard to extract the complexity found in other cloud providers. No need to configure dozens of services before you can get started, we take care of that for you all the way down to Layer 2 networking, a technical capability no other cloud provider delivers. Once in Skytap, you’re in control – clone environments, build templates, and share all, or parts, of your application across teams in minutes, anywhere in the world.

“Thanks to Skytap’s speed and ease of use, our admins can now provision complete environments in only one day — it used to take us six months. This was a major process improvement for our team.”

— Sam Larab, Large Hospitality Company


Vintage Is The New Modern

Competition is moving faster than ever, you can’t afford to stand still. Preserve the IP in your traditional applications while accelerating their modernization. Old blends with new – Linux, Windows on x86, AIX, IBM i, Linux on Power, Java, .Net, Puppet, Chef, Kubernetes and many more – we have you covered.

“This year, it’s a major initiative to modernize our traditional application portfolio. With the help of Skytap, we are moving to a microservices strategy in order to achieve continuous software delivery.”— Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Computer Software Company

“Skytap makes it easy to manage infrastructure, control costs and quickly spin up complete environments. Not to mention, Skytap has a technically sound support team if you ever need them.”— Enterprise Architect, Large Financial Services Company

Predictable Costs, Guardrails Built In

Calculating the cost of individual cloud services and usage can be a nightmare. Not with Skytap. We work with you to right size your needs so you have predictability in your costs. Schedule when environments should be in use or suspended. Define usage limits for storage, compute, and concurrency – all available at your fingertips. No more asking for forgiveness due to unexpected overages.


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