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Modernize and protect your business

Your business relies on traditional applications that run in the data center. Give those applications greater resilience and more flexibility to adapt to changing business and customer needs by moving them to the cloud. Innovate faster and scale effortlessly while safeguarding the functions that matter the most to your business.  

Give production workloads more horsepower

You need the applications that are the backbone of your business to operate with maximum uptime and performance. Skytap runs your production workloads natively on the latest hardware, with all the reliability and scalability that comes with the cloud.

Migrate traditional applications without rewriting

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to mean re-factoring or re-architecting. Skytap lets you move complete environments – including VMs/LPARs, applications, network configurations and more – to Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. Migration is fast and simple, taking as little as a few hours.

Add new life to existing applications

Skytap gives you the power to upgrade traditional applications with cloud service capabilities and benefits, including secure, low latency connectivity to native services on Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. Upgrade applications incrementally, at your pace, rather than rewriting them from the ground up.

Our status quo in the past was purely based on service and support. Skytap has opened us up to so many other businesses within our organization that we can now enable and optimize.

Company VP, CISO and IT Cloud Operation & Services.

Ensure business continuity

Now, more than ever, your business users and customers have high expectations for system reliability and availability. Skytap gives your business peace of mind with a cloud-based disaster recovery and high availability solution (HA/DR). This includes cold and warm off-site recovery for applications running on IBM i, AIX, Linux on Power, and x86 platforms within your datacenter, as well as across Skytap’s geographic regions.

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Gain reliability and flexibility

Skytap replicates complete production environments in the cloud in their native formats, making it an ideal DR solution. Switch critical production work to the Skytap environment when an outage occurs and immediately scale up to meet your capacity needs. Skytap’s HA/DR capabilities combine built-in functionality with integrated support with integrated support for leading third-party solutions to deliver robust options to address your specific business requirements.

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Accelerate recovery while controlling costs

With Skytap you can be back up and running fast — without the expense of added hardware, maintenance, network, and facilities costs. Cloud-based capacity on demand means you have environments available when you need them.

We might be down for four hours – or less – but we wouldn’t lose our final transactions. And once we’re back online on the mirrored partition, we can immediately get back to work.

Company IT Manager

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