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The following report provides a graphical representation of all data collected, as well as a summary of key findings from the Skytap 2015 Software Development Survey, which was conducted around this year’s VMworld 2015 US event. The survey’s intention is to relay high-level data on current trends and adoption in software development, along with the strategies companies plan to implement in the face of industry change. The survey was administered from August 4 through September 3, leading up to and at the San Francisco-based event. In total, 206 surveys were collected from highly qualified respondents.

How to use this report

Velocity is of the essence in today’s software development environment, and leading enterprises are investing heavily in new skillsets and technologies to reduce time to market for new features. We hope you find the results of this enterprise survey useful for your own research efforts.

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Which of the following best describes your title within your organization?

  • A larger than usual number of survey takers serve as C-level executives (21%).
  • Nearly half of the respondents work directly within IT, application development or quality assurance departments.


Approximately how many people are employed in your entire organization or enterprise?

  • The majority of respondents work at organizations with between 25,000-50,000 employees.
  • More than 20% of respondents come from enterprises with more than 50,000 employees.


On average, how often does your organization release software updates today?

  • The majority of survey takers (45%) release software updates on a monthly basis.
  • This was followed by nearly one quarter of respondents who release software updates more quickly on a weekly basis.
  • Annual releases are a thing of the past, with less than 2% of respondents releasing once a year.


What release frequency are you targeting for software updates as a future goal?

  • Currently only 6.3% of respondents update their software daily however, 16.5% say they’ve set daily releases as a target goal over the next year.
  • Monthly releases are the most popular update goal, with 36% of respondents aiming for that target.


Please select the top 5 things developers at your organization need from IT in order to efficiently produce quality software.

  • Developers strongly agreed stable test environments was the top thing they need from IT to produce quality software – more, and faster access to test environments came in as a close second and third.
  • For efficiently producing quality software, having self-service access to test environments was nearly twice as important for developers as responsive IT.


Please rate the importance of the following factors in achieving quality software.

  • Respondents reported budget as a very important factor in achieving quality software, however, time and people were ranked as critical to the process.
  • Access to Labs/Environments was very important for survey takers in achieving quality software.


Please rate the importance of the following factors in developing software faster.

  • Time and people were ranked as the most critical factors in developing software faster.
  • Survey takers also considered budget, tools, and access to environments to be very important.


When you consider your organization’s entire infrastructure and software lab setups in pre-production, how much would you estimate on average is being fully utilized at any given time?

  • Less than 6% of companies are fully utilizing their entire infrastructure and software lab setups in pre-production according to respondents.
  • Over half estimate that at any given time only 51-75% of their organization’s entire infrastructure and software lab setups in pre-production is being utilized.


What impact do you think DevOps has (or would have) on your ability to develop quality software faster?

  • Upwards of 80% of respondents admit they are impacted by DevOps, either negatively or positively.
  • Nearly half of respondents agree that DevOps makes it easier for them to develop quality software faster.


Which tools are you currently using to modernize your organization’s software development lifecycle (SDLC)?

  • Currently the majority of survey takers are seeking improvement from Cloud (IaaS) solutions (58%), Infrastructure as Code (IaC, at 48%) and Continuous Integration/Delivery solutions (46%) at a much higher rate than containerization (25%).
  • One quarter of respondents are already using containers to modernize their SDLC. 


Which tool is your organization planning to adopt in the next 12 months to modernize the SDLC? (Multiple answers OK.)

  • Only a quarter of respondents are currently using containers in their organizations to modernize SDLC, but nearly half of them say their organization plans to adopt containers over the next 12 months.
  • Using IaaS/Cloud to modernize their SDLC dropped by 10%, when asked which tools their organization is planning to adopt in the next 12 months.

Which tools are you planning to adopt