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Enjoy a collection of complimentary white papers and research focused on Agile software development and SDLC solutions, DevOps principles, cloud based labs, and more!

Managing Traditional Enterprise Applications within a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Traditional applications have different needs and requirements than cloud-native applications and require a different approach. A one-size-fits-all or single cloud will not work for both application types. Instead, a multi-cloud strategy is necessary.

In this paper, you’ll learn:

• The cloud requirements for new and traditional application types
• Why a multi-cloud strategy is necessary for enterprises
• The specific considerations associated with modernizing traditional applications

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Licensing Oracle in the Skytap Cloud

This paper provides an overview of licensing Oracle programs on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the Skytap Cloud. There is much confusion about Oracle licensing, especially in virtualized or Cloud environments.

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Agility Should Be Among the Top Three Goals for I&O Leaders

As organizations increase investment in digital business initiatives, agility should be among the top three goals for I&O leaders. A recent IT I&O leaders survey shows this is not currently the case. Here, we provide guidance on rethinking priorities and how to implement enterprise-level agility.

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eBook: DevOps: Lessons Learned Over Decades of Practice

Skytap’s own DevOps story revolves around our people and the experiences and stories they’ve collected during their collective decades of experience in software delivery.

In this eBook, we’ve included stories from both the development and operations points of view, covering key issues that include:

  • DevOps prerequisites and outcomes
  • How to avoid common DevOps pitfalls
  • Continuous testing, deployment, and delivery
  • Eliminating bottlenecks and constraints
  • Areas for increased workflow efficiency
  • Getting executive buy-in

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Defining and Administering Modern Blended Learning

This paper examines the most common forms of technical training delivery used today and offers recommendations on leveraging cloud-based, hands-on labs as part of a larger blended learning solution.

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Continuous Delivery of Fully Functional Environments: How Skytap Uses Skytap to Achieve DevOps

This white paper looks at the continuous delivery workflow that Skytap uses to produce entire environments that resemble the production platform and how this workflow has improved Skytap’s release velocity and reliability. It takes a deeper dive into how CI and CD are implemented with Skytap.

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Enhance the Software Product Lifecycle with Skytap

This white paper presents a solution overview of Skytap and discusses how Skytap addresses the unique requirements of each product delivery team throughout the product lifecycle.

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Exclusive from Forrester: Your Three-Step Guide To Planning Cloud Migration

Cloud migration has exploded in popularity since General Electric’s (GE’s) flashy keynote at Amazon Web Service’s (AWS’s) re:Invent in September 2015. GE claims to be migrating all workloads not containing secret information. Enterprises are revisiting public cloud and exploring whether existing or systems-of-record applications have a place in that world. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals on this path should avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to outsourcing and migration plans, opting instead for an app-by-app assessment.

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Virtual Training Capabilities Guide

Download the Virtual Training Capabilities Guide now for access to:

  • Key capabilities to consider for providing quality B2B technical training
  • Questions to answer before evaluating possible solutions
  •  A matrix of labs options available in today’s marketplace and the technical training specific capabilities they provide

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Forrester Brief: Break Your Bad DevOps Habits

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams are full of good modern service delivery intentions. However, they fall short in some key behaviors and technology areas that support development and operations (DevOps) methodology. This report highlights our survey findings on bad habits that I&O is displaying; I&O pros should use this research to continue their benchmarking and determine how to modify, continue, or rethink their DevOps strategy for 2016.

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VMware vSphere Cloud Migration Guide

Download the VMware vSphere Cloud Migration Guide now for access to:

  • Key considerations for your migration initiative
  • Common Issues When Moving VMware vSphere to the Cloud
  •  A matrix of cloud options and the VMware vSphere specific capabilities they offer

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Skytap Enabled CI/CD Toolchains: A Secure and Scalable On-demand Architecture for a CI/CD Workflow

This infographic displays key industry trends and constraints in software development along side efficiencies and customer successes experienced when implementing cloud based labs.
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Skytap Datasheet: Skytap and vCloud Air

Skytap and vCloud Air often get compared to one another. Skytap is a public cloud provider that extends enterprise cloud and DevOps strategies to traditional on-premises workloads. VMware vCloud Air is a hybrid cloud that extends your datacenter to the cloud and allows you to easily migrate workloads between your on-premises datacenter and the cloud.

While Skytap and vCloud Air both sit on top of VMware’s ESXi hypervisor, Skytap’s additional features better enable several use-cases. The following guide will help to clarify the differences in features and benefits between the two offerings.
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Skytap Infographic: Success and Efficiency from Cloud Based Labs

This infographic displays key industry trends and constraints in software development along side efficiencies and customer successes experienced when implementing cloud based labs.
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Transform Your SDLC with Parallel Development and Testing in Cloud Environments

Enterprise development and test teams continuously strive to deliver better software faster in order to become more responsive to evolving business demands and users’ needs. But bottlenecks and constraints throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) inevitably lead to a decrease in throughput that slows down innovation.

Agile and efficient development and testing can only occur when dev/test teams have on-demand access to complex environments that enable them to work efficiently without worrying about system dependency or conflicts over lab provisioning.  Read More and Transform your SDLC…

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Virtual Training Labs- Delivering Hands On Classrooms in Cloud Environments

Most companies have an ever-growing need
to provide software and technical training for employees, but are under increased budget pressure to reduce per-seat training costs and eliminate travel expenses.

In this White Paper explore today’s training delivery challenges and how to overcome those challenges with Virtual Classroom solutions, IT dependencies, classroom setup, and more!

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Agility in the Cloud: How Dev/Test Teams Can Increase Velocity While Reducing Defects

This white paper explores how software development teams can leverage complex virtualized computing environments, delivered via the cloud, to improve existing workflows and decrease the time-to-value of software development projects.

The paper also offers an overview of impediments to agility within the software development lifecycle, solutions to those impediments, and more!

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voke Market Snapshot Report: Virtual & Cloud-based Labs

From a benefits perspective, lifecycle virtualization technologies deliver a quick and measurable economic impact, just as server virtualization has for the datacenter. Lifecycle virtualization includes the technology of virtual and cloud-based labs. Virtual and cloud-based labs enable development and QA to access production equivalent environments on-demand, anytime and anywhere. Virtual and cloud-based lab technology is a must-have for enterprises of all types and sizes to help reduce overall software cycle times and create an optimized environment for development and testing activities. This Market Snapshot report provides real-world data to help organizations justify the investment in virtual and cloud-based labs.

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Continuous Testing and Service Virtualization in Cloud Environments-as-a-Service

Learn how companies integrate these two leading solutions to eliminate constraints with real and virtual cloud assets, and test continuously for better quality and higher velocity at every stage of the software lifecycle.

Download this technical paper to learn more…
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Grid Tools & Skytap Solution White Paper: Datamaker for Skytap

Is your testing constrained by environments and data?

As applications have become more complex, provisioning the right data to test and development environments has become a familiar pain point for many organizations. Environmental and data constraints quickly swallow time and resources, while defects go undetected, preventing the delivery of valuable software to market, on time and within budget.

These environment and data constraints are why Grid-Tools and Skytap have teamed up, to combine powerful Environments-as-a-Service provisioning with end-to-end Test Data Management. Complete, production-like environments can be stored as templates and replicated in minutes, and are instantly populated with rich, up-to-date test data. Testing and development can begin instantly and in parallel, eliminating unnecessary delays and costs in the SDLC.

Download this white paper to learn more…
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Intellyx: Skytap Environments-as-a-Service Essential for Enterprise Software Development

You’re a large enterprise with a complex internal software development effort. You’ve had some success with Agile over the years, but quality could be better and release cycles are still way too long. So the word comes down from on high (maybe from the VP of Engineering or perhaps the CIO): time for DevOps…

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Cloud Enabled Software Development and Testing: Putting the Agile into the Infrastructure

This white paper will examine 5 best practice guidelines for implementing cloud enabled software development:

  • Don’t change the Agile process to fit IT—change the IT strategy to enable Agile development.
  • Trust the developers. Empower them with self-service environments.
  • Rapid changes are the new norma, so architect IT to be configurable, scalable, and flexible.
  • Create an IT strategy to enable collaboration.
  • Agile IT should not eliminate security requirements. Retain full visibility and control.

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Accelerate Software Development with DevOps and Hybrid Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing are compelling: vastly reduced IT operational effort, reduced costs, and the ability to scale infrastructure up and down according to business needs. By moving their IT sandbox to the cloud, IT managers can:

  • Eliminate infrastructure constraints
  • Avoid expensive application rewrites
  • Reduce data center cost and complexity
  • Enable global team collaboration with shared virtual infrastructure

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10 Reasons to transition IT Sandbox to the Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing are compelling: vastly reduced IT operational effort, reduced costs, and the ability to scale infrastructure up and down according to business needs. By moving their IT sandbox to the cloud, IT managers can:

  • Eliminate infrastructure constraints
  • Avoid expensive application rewrites
  • Reduce data center cost and complexity
  • Enable global team collaboration with shared virtual infrastructure

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Skytap & Emergys: How to Enable SAP Agility and Get the Most Out of the Cloud

SAP is a powerful business tool that offers endless possibilities, but getting the most out of your investment requires a thorough understanding of the solution to enable customization, and a robust infrastructure to properly support it.

In this White Paper learn how Emergys developed a unique approach to SAP deployments, customization and management leveraging Skytap’s cloud technology.

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Your Guide to VMware Lab Manager Replacement

With vCenter Lab Manager discontinued, it’s time to find a replacement. Using cloud services as a lab manager replacement are becoming more popular. Cloud service providers can offer the flexibility, agility, and scalability that give companies (and IT Pros) what they need for the virtual lab environments.

Migrating away from vCenter Lab Manager has inherent challenges. Identifying specific use cases that align with features offered by cloud service providers will accelerate your migration and improve your success when selecting an alternative lab management solution. This new guide examines these benefits and considerations of various replacement strategies.

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451 Group Research Cloud Automation

Software development organizations with their self-sufficient user base, dynamic nature and the sheer cost and labor of organizing them, development and test environments have escaped the rigor with which production environments are scrutinized and tuned.

Virtualization technology stands to change situations for the better and provide time, cost and personnel savings to software development organizations. This report focuses on test lab automation, which uses virtualization technology to bring manageability to development and testing as well as other dynamic workload environments.

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Skytap Automation Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

This white paper will examine:

  • The range of scenarios supported by the TFS Automation Pack
  • The Benefits of the Automation Pack
  • The Automation Pack at work for a sample application workload
  • Tips on how to enable the Automation Pack for your own application workload

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VMWare ESXi in a Cloud Based Lab

This white paper is ideal for IT and Infrastructure/Operations professionals, as well as software application development and testing professionals who are interested in how ESXi can be used in a cloud environment. This white paper is structured in three parts:

  • Overview of scenarios that are enabled by ESXi in a cloud-based lab.
  • Step-by-step workflow for running ESXi in a cloud-based lab.
  • 5 ways to maximize ESXi using Skytap Cloud.

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Moving Lab Management Environments to the Cloud

VMware discontinued additional major releases of vCenter Lab Manager. This leaves organizations that are currently running Lab Manager at a crossroads. They must determine whether to continue using the virtual lab infrastructure that is already in place, or consider other options for their virtual lab after the product’s end of life.

Within this white paper the advantages and disadvantages are discussed in detail.

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