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AIX Cloud Migration Guide

Now there’s a path to the cloud for your traditional AIX applications. Skytap Cloud is the only public cloud that offers support for AIX workloads alongside applications running on x86 architectures.

In this paper, you’ll learn:

• How to identify cloud requirements for your AIX apps
• Considerations and best practices for migrating your AIX workloads to Skytap Cloud
• How to apply agile development processes to AIX apps once they’re in the cloud

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Managing Traditional Enterprise Applications within a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Traditional applications have different needs and requirements than cloud-native applications and require a different approach. A one-size-fits-all or single cloud will not work for both application types. Instead, a multi-cloud strategy is necessary.

In this paper, you’ll learn:

• The cloud requirements for new and traditional application types
• Why a multi-cloud strategy is necessary for enterprises
• The specific considerations associated with modernizing traditional applications

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Licensing Oracle in the Skytap Cloud

This paper provides an overview of licensing Oracle programs on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the Skytap Cloud. There is much confusion about Oracle licensing, especially in virtualized or Cloud environments.

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eBook: DevOps: Lessons Learned Over Decades of Practice

Skytap’s own DevOps story revolves around our people and the experiences and stories they’ve collected during their collective decades of experience in software delivery.

In this eBook, we’ve included stories from both the development and operations points of view, covering key issues that include:

  • DevOps prerequisites and outcomes
  • How to avoid common DevOps pitfalls
  • Continuous testing, deployment, and delivery
  • Eliminating bottlenecks and constraints
  • Areas for increased workflow efficiency
  • Getting executive buy-in

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Defining and Administering Modern Blended Learning

This paper examines the most common forms of technical training delivery used today and offers recommendations on leveraging cloud-based, hands-on labs as part of a larger blended learning solution.

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Continuous Delivery of Fully Functional Environments: How Skytap Uses Skytap to Achieve DevOps

This white paper looks at the continuous delivery workflow that Skytap uses to produce entire environments that resemble the production platform and how this workflow has improved Skytap’s release velocity and reliability. It takes a deeper dive into how CI and CD are implemented with Skytap.

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Enhance the Software Product Lifecycle with Skytap

This white paper presents a solution overview of Skytap and discusses how Skytap addresses the unique requirements of each product delivery team throughout the product lifecycle.

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Exclusive from Forrester: Your Three-Step Guide To Planning Cloud Migration

Cloud migration has exploded in popularity since General Electric’s (GE’s) flashy keynote at Amazon Web Service’s (AWS’s) re:Invent in September 2015. GE claims to be migrating all workloads not containing secret information. Enterprises are revisiting public cloud and exploring whether existing or systems-of-record applications have a place in that world. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals on this path should avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to outsourcing and migration plans, opting instead for an app-by-app assessment.

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