A Practitioner’s Guide to Enterprise Application Modernization

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A Practitioner’s Guide to Enterprise Application Modernization

A Practitioner's Guide to Enterprise Application Modernization
For enterprises running mission-critical workloads on legacy applications and infrastructure, modernization is imperative to achieving agility and competitiveness.

This paper is written for technical practitioners tasked with successfully executing an enterprise application modernization strategy.

In this document, you’ll learn:

• How to implement Skytap Cloud’s progressive approach of Infrastructure, Process, Architecture (IPA)
• Skytap Cloud’s unique capabilities for modernizing traditional applications with agile methodologies and next-generation technology
• Real-world examples from enterprises
who have already succeeded

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Skytap is a global cloud provider that accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing traditional applications with cloud-native development and services. Skytap Cloud makes it easy to build, run, and evolve these hybrid applications by rapidly migrating traditional workloads to the cloud, enabling modern development practices, and integrating new cloud architectures.