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Does this scenario sound familiar?

Your enterprise has an initiative to move to the cloud or consolidate a datacenter, and you’re responsible for executing. The applications you need to move represent decades of investment and are major revenue streams for your business, but they’re also built for on-premises infrastructure, run on Linux and AIX, and have complex network topologies.

Application delivery is a challenge too. The business wants new features to stay competitive and innovate, but you’re stuck in months-long release cycles. Why? The complexity of the applications means it takes weeks just to configure environments. Even then, end users may have to spend additional time configuring software and settings before they can begin working.

Given the mission-critical nature of these applications, refactoring and rewriting is not worth the risk, resources, or time. Instead you need a fast path to the cloud as well as the ability to meet business demands by adding new services when required.

See how Skytap Cloud solves these enterprise challenges by taking the tours below.

Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization Experience

Rapidly Migrate Traditional Applications to the Cloud

In this tour, you’ll see how teams are able to rehost AIX and VMware-virtualized applications in Skytap Cloud and utilize an environments-first approach to reduce provisioning times and increase infrastructure utilization.


Process Modernization

Process Modernization Experience

Enable DevOps and Agile Development

In this tour, you’ll see how teams use to provide true self-service that enables agile development and DevOps, so teams can release higher quality software faster.


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