Q: What is the container beta program?

A: Containerization is a major force in application development and modernization, the Skytap team is hard at work on a set of new features to make it easy to manage containers within Skytap. Prior to general availability, the container functionality will be enabled on a customer by customer basis. Participating in the container beta program grants you early access to these new features.

Q: Why should I sign-up for container beta program?

A: This is a great opportunity to see the direction Skytap is taking with container support and to influence the container features and functionality prior to general availability.

Q: Who should participate in the beta program?

A: Anyone currently using containers in development or investigating how containers can be incorporated into their existing application architecture.

Q: How do I sign-up for the container beta program?

A: To sign-up for the beta program, the primary admin for your account needs to send email to support@skytap.com authorizing the container feature be enabled for your account and include the name and email address of the primary contact on your side who will be participating in the beta program.

Q: If I don’t signup now can I still sign up for future programs?

A: Absolutely. You can sign up and provide feedback at any time. We will send another notification when the next container beta is available.

Q: Why are you limiting access to the beta program?

A: The container functionality introduces many new services. We want to ensure customers have the best possible experience. We will add customers as quickly as we can.

Q: Will the feature be turned off at the end of the two-week period?

A: The feature will remain enabled for your account beyond the two-week period and you’re encouraged to continue using it and providing feedback.

Q: When will the container feature be generally available?

A: It’s too early to provide an exact date but we expect it to be available before the end of the calendar year.

Q: Who do I contact if I need help or have questions?

A: You can email our support team at support@skytap.com.

Q: During the beta, is the feature enabled for certain users or will all my users have access?

A: The feature is enabled at the Skytap account level. This means that all users in your account, depending on their user role, will be able to see and use the feature.

Q: Can we decide to opt-out of the program and have the container feature turned off for our account?

A: Yes, just notify Skytap support (support@skytap.com) and they will turn it off for your account.

Q: I don’t like surveys; can I just talk to someone to give my feedback?

A: Yes, we know surveys aren’t for everyone. If you’d rather, we can arrange for you to speak to someone on our product management team.

Q: When is the two-week window we need to run through the scenarios?

A: We expect this timeframe to start mid-August.

Q: What will you do with our feedback?

A: Customer feedback is an important part of our development process. While we cannot guarantee that every request will be addressed we do review all feedback.

Q: How do I report a bug?

A: Visit the Support contact information page: http://help.skytap.com/Support.html#Contactinformation

Q: Which operating systems are supported?

A: All Linux distributions supported by Docker. Windows Server 2016 is not currently supported.

Q: We use the RKT container runtime, is this supported?

A: At this time, we’re only supporting the Docker engine.

Q: Can I blog and Tweet about it?

A: You can discuss it with anyone in your company but we ask that you do not discuss it publically and do not blog about it or post information on social media until the feature is generally available.

Q: Are APIs available for the container functionality?

A: Yes! Everything you do through the browser can be done through a RESTful API. If you are interested in trying out the RESTful API please contact support@skytap.com. We have documentation we can make available to you. Remember, this is pre-release software and the APIs are subject to change.