Achieve True DevOps by Bringing Traditional On-Premises Applications to the Cloud

Born-in-the-cloud applications do not have to be the only ones that take advantage of the cloud and DevOps. Skytap works like an on-premises data center so that older applications begin and complete their infrastructure, process, and architecture modernization journeys faster.

Modernize Infrastructure

Developers and testers cite environments as one of the biggest bottlenecks in the software development life cycle. With Skytap’s Environments-as-a-Service, customers:

  • Get fully deployed, working environments in seconds
  • Eliminate environment-contention bottlenecks with self-service, on-demand environment cloning
  • Prevent environment configuration drift by disposing of used environments regularly and creating new ones in seconds
  • Remove the need to re-architect or rewrite application code with direct import of x86 virtual machines

Modernize Process

The cornerstones of DevOps are both automation and improved inter-team collaboration. But when a large shared pre-prod or staging environment is the first place development, QA, and operations deliverables meet, it is impossible to foster DevOps. Skytap removes this barrier by:

  • Providing environments that are isolated, quickly and easily replicated, and collaborative
  • Getting traditional enterprise applications into the cloud without refactoring or automating deployments
  • Allowing development, QA, and operations teams to jointly design and create common toolchains early in the SDLC
  • Facilitating an incremental introduction of continuous integration and continuous delivery using plugins for common third-party tools

Modernize Architecture

Legacy architecture and code were not built to work with today’s modern development processes. IT wants to modernize these, but a lack of environments makes innovation and modernization efforts difficult. By using Skytap’s self-service, production-like environments, organizations:

  • Enable rapid prototyping of new technologies using production-like, cloud-based environments
  • Conduct A:B testing in isolated cloud environments to ensure architecture changes do not affect the application negatively
  • Adopt new architecture paradigms, such as containers, at a faster pace using Skytap platform services to improve efficiency, agility and scalability

Key Features

Skytap’s robust set of features make instantly available, self-service development and test environments a reality without the need for additional scripting languages or tools. Users can now devote time and resources towards application modernization efforts instead of re-architecting for the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud
Connect to systems that must remain on-premises

Copy complex environments with their state using two mouse clicks

Environment Templates
Capture, version, and share complex environments with all or a subset of account users

Use one of the many Skytap integrations or make your own with the RESTful API

Enable users to create the environments they need without waiting

Template Library
Use the Skytap Public Template Library or curate your own to provide quick and easy access to additional VMs and tools

VMX Imports
Directly import VMware virtual machines and vApps to allow for fast application onboarding

Public Templates
Use a curated set of popular enterprise operating systems and tools, ready to be added in seconds