Skytap Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Skytap offers the world’s most advanced cloud-based solutions for managing and delivering just-in-time software development and test environments. Our innovative Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS) product was purpose-built to allow enterprise teams to capture, provision, share and tear down complete, high capacity dev/test environments in seconds or minutes, not days or weeks. Using Skytap, customers achieve faster release times and higher quality, while eliminating up to 95% of the cost of provisioning, manual configuration and underutilized lab capacity.

Skytap Solutions include:

Skytap EaaS Product Diagram

Skytap Environments-as-a-Service provide all the assets needed in pre-production dev, test and training environments. (Click to view in new tab.)

Skytap offers easy-to-use browser-based management interfaces that automate many difficult management tasks behind the scenes with one or two clicks, as well as an API with REST-based service calls and build commands for responding to programmatic approaches. Customers can run on Skytap’s global cloud lab infrastructure, as well as leveraging leading cloud infrastructure services such as Softlayer. Download the Skytap DevTest Solution Datasheet.

Key Differentiators

For most enterprises, more than half of all IT resources are dedicated to pre-production systems and software, but there are endemic limitations on access to environments, and contention among teams throughout the software lifecycle. Simply “kicking your problems into the cloud” won’t solve this problem. You need a cloud approach that was purpose-built to eliminate development and test constraints. Skytap’s EaaS offers a set of development and test capabilities far beyond what you can achieve using cloud infrastructure alone:

  • Skytap was built for the complex environments found in today’s enterprise. Not just VM hardware images, but detailed configurations of multiple servers, appliances, network and domain settings, data and virtual assets that can span multiple cloud instances.
  • Skytap was built for agile collaboration, so highly distributed teams can develop and test in parallel, copy and share environments in their exact state to ensure quality at every project phase, and avoid days or weeks of setup time and application rewrites.
  • Skytap was built for IT control, allowing automated self-service provisioning by dev and test teams, while still maintaining operational visibility for usage quotas, access policies and efficient use of lab resources.

Customers leverage Skytap environments to solve the constraints that hold back enterprise software development and test teams, DevOps transformation initiatives, advanced virtual training classrooms, software support groups and demonstration labs.

How to Buy Skytap

Skytap EaaS is developed and delivered as a unified on-demand solution atop cloud infrastructure, and priced on a capacity and usage basis. Moving conventional on-premise hardware and VMs to Skytap is a fast and fully supported process that does not require you to rewrite applications. Once that is in place, teams can start provisioning and sharing their own fully contained lab environments in minutes, saving days of waiting and configuration time.

Contact a Skytap sales strategist today to see where Skytap EaaS can create transformational value today in your IT environments.