By Use Case

Cloud Migration

Skytap matches your existing datacenter, so you can migrate traditional applications unchanged in just days. Learn More


Skytap supports DevOps and agile initiatives by providing self-service access to production-ready, IT-approved resources. Learn More

Application Modernization

Teams can introduce modern architectures like container-based microservices incrementally, while maximizing existing investments. Learn More

Multi-Cloud Strategy

Skytap compliments hyperscale clouds by modernizing traditional applications to the cloud then integrating them to the cloud native services of your choice. Learn More

By Role


Skytap enables your teams to collaborate more efficiently, improve software development, reduce IT costs, and, ultimately, accelerate innovation. Learn More

IT Infrastructure and Operations

Skytap’s environments-first enables IT teams to provide the resources needed for agile development, while maintaining control over costs and resources. Learn More

Application Development

Skytap delivers self-service access to production-ready environments in seconds that gives development teams the resources they need to accelerate software delivery. Learn More