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Cloud Migration

Skytap Cloud is the only public cloud that makes it possible to migrate applications to the cloud unchanged – including x86/VMware and POWER/AIX components. Once in Skytap Cloud, our customers improve business agility by modernizing the technology and processes used to create and enhance their applications.

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Skytap Cloud enables development and operations teams to effectively collaborate on delivering consistently high-quality software. Our customers use Skytap Cloud environments to provide the self-service resources vital to high-velocity software development, while ensuring IT maintains full visibility into and control over usage. Skytap Cloud also offers secure connections to other clouds, a powerful REST API, and integrations with popular infrastructure as code and continuous deployment tools.

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Application Moderization

Application modernization is critical to success in today’s digital economy, a transformation which requires enterprises to evolve IT infrastructure, processes, and architecture. Skytap Cloud enables enterprises to introduce agile development and cloud-native technology and services to traditional applications. This approach empowers enterprises to introduce and test new functionality in incremental bursts, modernizing applications, while preserving the core functionality needed for ongoing operations.

Skytap Cloud accelerates application modernization by enabling IT organizations to develop, deploy, and run traditional enterprise and containerized applications together in Skytap Cloud. As the only cloud that supports the full breadth of traditional and modern components — from AIX to containers — Skytap Cloud delivers the foundation for your modernization initiative.

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