Accelerate Application Delivery
     Through Modernization

Self-Service Resource Access

Innovation doesn’t wait for resources. Your development teams need application environments on-demand to keep pace with customer expectations. Skytap delivers self-service access to production-ready environments in seconds that gives development teams the resources they need to accelerate software delivery.

Skytap environments mirror and replicate every unique aspect of your datacenter. Once in Skytap, development teams can rapidly parallel process the creation, testing and delivery of core applications. The result is repeatable, consistent, high-quality, feature-rich code in every release.

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Enable Follow-the-Sun Development

Whether your teams are all under one roof, or distributed across the globe, Skytap makes collaboration easy and secure – with no learning curve to slow you down. Copy to Region capabilities extend collaboration across the globe, enabling follow-the-sun development and testing with the lowest possible latency and zero configuration drift.

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Incremental Application Modernization

Skytap does what was once impossible–migrate traditional enterprise applications to the public cloud unchanged. The time, budget and resources saved allows development teams to focus on modernizing core business applications at their own pace.

In Skytap, enterprises can build, deploy, and manage traditional and cloud-native components, like containers, side-by-side with traditional and hybrid application workloads. By taking an incremental approach to modernization, enterprises can introduce, test, and deliver new functionality in short bursts that best align with business operations.

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Skytap Overview Video
Skytap Overview Video

Skytap accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing traditional applications with cloud-native development and services. Watch the overview video and learn more about Skytap.


Application Assessment
How to Migrate to Skytap

Get our guide to learn how enterprises migrate and run complex, business-critical applications in Skytap.


Intro to Skytap Webinar

Dive a little deeper with this 15 minute overview of Skytap’s approach to application modernization.


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