Hybrid Applications
       are the Reality of IT

Enterprises Will Run on Hybrid

Enterprises aren’t going to completely abandon years, if not decades, of investments made in traditional enterprise applications. But these applications must be modernized alongside the new, cloud-native applications that depend on them. Evolving these traditional applications with new cloud services is the most direct path to enterprise innovation.

Skytap Cloud makes it possible to easily build, run, and evolve these hybrid applications by rapidly migrating traditional workloads to the cloud, enabling modern development practices, and integrating new cloud architectures and processes.

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Get Out of The Datacenter

The cloud’s benefits of agility and scalability are clear, but for too long have been limited to born-in-the-cloud applications. Traditional applications are often dependent on datacenter settings that typical public clouds can’t support, making migration to these clouds nearly impossible.

Skytap Cloud migrates these business-critical applications to the cloud unchanged—resulting in an accelerated journey that is more cost-effective.

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Improve Business Agility

Once in Skytap Cloud, our customers improve business agility by modernizing the technology and processes used to create and enhance their applications. This approach empowers enterprises to maximize existing investments while introducing innovation. Skytap Cloud enables your teams to collaborate more efficiently, improve software development, reduce IT costs, and, ultimately, accelerate innovation.

What Separates Skytap Cloud from Typical Cloud Providers

Most cloud providers have a goal of helping enterprise customers innovate by developing new applications and technologies. Skytap understands that businesses can’t abandon critical applications in their datacenters, so we provide a public cloud that’s designed for these applications.

Unique to Skytap Cloud is the ability we give to rapidly migrate traditional applications unchanged, then use dynamic application environments to support modern development process and introduce new technologies and cloud-native services. Skytap Cloud is the only public cloud empowering customers to build and run the hybrid applications necessary for today’s enterprises to innovate and compete.

Resources to Guide Your Modernization

Skytap Overview Video
Skytap Overview Video

Skytap Cloud accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing traditional applications with cloud-native development and services. Watch the overview video and learn more about Skytap Cloud.


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It’s time to get a grip on your application portfolio and get moving. Take the two minute assessment.


Intro to Skytap Webinar

Dive a little deeper with this 15 minute overview of Skytap’s approach to application modernization.



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