Drive Business Agility
     With Complete Control

Innovation Has to Be Delivered Faster

Your business demands a cloud infrastructure to support high-velocity software delivery. But the traditional applications your organization depends on are trapped in the datacenter, constrained by dependencies typical clouds don’t support.

The way forward is a better cloud service that modernizes these traditional applications over time with new cloud services–all at the pace of your business. This approach unifies application development and system operations, increasing agility and optimizing IT spend. The end result is greater innovation and maximum return on both existing and new investments.

Visibility and Control

Skytap’s environments-first approach to cloud infrastructure enables IT teams to provide the self-service resources needed for agile development, while maintaining control over costs and resources. Environments need only be created and configured once — then they can be saved as IT-managed templates which can be self-provisioned, cloned in seconds, and deleted when no longer needed. Skytap empowers a modern approach to IT with:

  • Environment Suspend and Auto-Suspend
  • Reporting Tags and Labels
  • Role-based Access and Permissions
  • Granular Quota Management
  • API automation
  • Robust Dashboard for Analytics
  • Utilization and Cost

    Skytap gives IT greater control over costs with a number of features that optimize utilization. Skytap environments eliminate idle infrastructure and assigned quotas encourage self-policing by teams, while granular access controls ensure usage is authorized and metered. Skytap enables IT teams to easily suspend or auto-suspend environments when not in use, eliminating costly cloud sprawl and overages.

    Global, Enterprise Infrastructure

    Skytap delivers global enterprise infrastructure built to handle complex workloads, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures—all with the stability that lets IT sleep at night. We offer:

    • 99.95% SLA
    • Self-contained, virtual datacenter environments
    • Production-ready environments
    • Highly customizable compute, storage, OS, and network settings
    • Granular, role-based access controls
    • Dedicated regions available for sensitive workloads
    • Robust management features and dashboard
    • REST API for automated management and integrations
    • Secure connections to other clouds or on-premises datacenters
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    Resources to Guide Your Modernization

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    Skytap Overview Video

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