Accelerate Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a top priority for any leading enterprise. Yet, embracing the cloud to unlock these benefits can appear out of reach for many traditional applications. Skytap is the only public cloud service purpose-built to natively run AIX, IBM i and Linux on Power applications in the cloud. By removing the need to re-architect or re-platform, Skytap simplifies the process of modernizing traditional applications.

Drive Innovation and Reduce Costs

Skytap’s powerful application environments arm your development teams with an agile foundation. It gives them a way to adopt new tools, and build, test and extend traditional applications with cloud native services.

Skytap’s self-service, on-demand access to full-stack application environments increases dev team productivity. Integrated support for popular continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tooling enables automation to drive velocity and release higher quality software faster.

Together with the ability to shift CapEx to OpEx and built-in resource quota management, Skytap speeds new innovations and enables elastic scale, while helping you proactively lower infrastructure and operational costs.

Featured Application Modernization Solution Partners

Skytap’s extensible architecture and rich APIs means you can continue to use the cloud-native tools you’re used to. Visit our Tech Partners page to learn more about our application modernization partners.

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