Modernize your
 Traditional Applications

IPA: Modernization at Your Pace

Application modernization doesn’t need to be overwhelming. The key to success is to modernize iteratively, by breaking your journey into realistic, attainable segments. Skytap supports this by offering a progressive approach to migrating and modernize your application Infrastructure, Processes and Architecture.

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Modernize Infrastructure

Start by adopting cloud infrastructure and leveraging its capabilities to eliminate constraints and drive agility.

In Skytap, enterprises leverage an environments-based infrastructure model to provide self-service, eliminate configuration drift, and increase infrastructure utilization at global scale.

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Modernize Process

A modern infrastructure provides the foundation to adopt new development processes and automation.

Skytap provides self-service environments that can be integrated with CI/CD tooling, enabling teams to accelerate and automate from build through deployment. Ultimately, enterprises are able to release higher quality software faster.

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Modernize Architecture

With Skytap, teams can work to systematically augment traditional application components with microservices architectures and cloud native services from multiple clouds. These hybrid applications embody the incremental approach to modernization in physical form, enabling organizations to drive more business value and deploy more efficiently without starting from scratch.

Blueworx integrates its AIX-based software with IBM Watson in Skytap Cloud to deliver next-generation solutions to customers

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Resources to Guide Your Modernization

Skytap Overview Video
Skytap Overview Video

Skytap accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing traditional applications with cloud-native development and services. Watch the overview video and learn more about Skytap.


Application Assessment
How to Migrate to Skytap

Get our guide to learn how enterprises migrate and run complex, business-critical applications in Skytap.


Intro to Skytap Webinar

Dive a little deeper with this 15 minute overview of Skytap’s approach to application modernization.



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