Natively Run Traditional
 Apps in the Cloud

Unlock the Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud computing has changed everything. Yet for traditional applications built for the IBM Power Systems platform, the benefits of the cloud can appear out of reach. Now you no longer have to contemplate embarking on a long, costly migration project to unlock cloud scale and agility. Skytap is the first cloud service purpose-built to run traditional workloads natively in the cloud without the need to re-architect or re-platform.

Migrate Workloads, Not More Work

With Skytap, you can run traditional applications natively on IBM Power hardware hosted in Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud data centers ensuring maximum compatibility. Migrate entire AIX, IBM i, Linux on Power and x86 workloads within minutes with no impact on underlying dependencies. Extensible application environments replicate on-premises configurations, with robust Layer 2 networking support to simplify migration of even the most complex applications. Skytap makes it easy to transition traditional applications to the cloud with flexible migration options:

  • Basic Import – A self-service option to import VMs, vApps, and LPARs into Skytap IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration – Quickly and securely ship data directly to Skytap
  • Advance Import Appliance – A Docker-based solution to validate and automate bulk importing of VMs into Skytap

Once running in Skytap, your traditional application workloads can tap into the full benefits of the cloud: application modernization, elastic scale and high availability, shift infrastructure spend from CapEx to OpEx, and extend product experiences with cloud native services.

Featured Cloud Migration Solution Partners

Skytap’s extensible architecture and rich APIs makes moving to the cloud easy while still using your preferred tools and frameworks. Visit our Tech Partners page to learn more about Skytap cloud migration partners.

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