Migrate Traditional Applications

Traditional Applications are Trapped

As enterprises continue to take a cloud-first approach to software delivery, many struggle to increase business agility due to constrained workloads that remain in on-premises datacenters. Typical clouds often require a huge investment in time and budget to lift these workloads to the cloud, which poses a significant threat to business operations.

Migrate in Days with Skytap Cloud

By mirroring your on-premises datacenter environment in its entirety, Skytap Cloud makes it possible to migrate traditional applications unchanged. This approach removes barriers to cloud migration and dramatically accelerates the timeline.

Once in Skytap Cloud, our customers improve business agility by modernizing the technology and processes used to create and enhance their applications. Enterprises are able to modernize applications incrementally, by building and running hybrid applications that use both traditional and cloud-native components.

Also Offering Professional Services

Skytap Cloud consultants have decades of experience with virtually every type of software development. We’ll work with you to plan and execute the fastest path to your enterprise cloud migration.

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