Migrate Traditional Apps

Don’t Stay Trapped in Your Datacenter

Organizations are increasingly caught between the new world of cloud computing and their existing on-premises datacenters.

Today, agility and efficiency are top of mind. Legacy apps need to be modernized in order to access the full breadth of cloud-native benefits, but this process of migration can be costly and time-consuming.

Because of this, organizations are lagging behind the innovation curve.

Migrate Fast, then Modernize at Your Own Pace

We accelerate migration, even in mass data instances, so you can quickly run traditional apps in the cloud.

By mirroring your on-premises datacenter environment in its entirety, Skytap makes it possible to migrate your entire IBM i, AIX, Linux and x86 stack within minutes. This gives you the ability to rehost applications in a cloud environment, without shifting their underlying dependencies.

Once running in Skytap’s service, you can accelerate modernization by integrating with best-of-breed CI / CD tools to allow for future scalability, agility, and innovation.

Migration Options

Basic Import through Skytap

A self-service option for manually creating import jobs and managing the process. This option is best for lightweight data imports. Learn more

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration

To assist with very large migrations IBM’s Mass Data Migration Service is a globally available service providing a quick and secure way to ship data directly into Skytap.

Skytap Advanced Import Appliance

The Advanced Import Appliance is a Docker container that runs locally to help you validate VM imports and automate the process of importing bulk VMs to Skytap. Download Datasheet

Migrate, Run and Recover IBM i Apps in the Cloud with Robot HA

Skytap’s partnership with HelpSystems Robot HA can accelerate the migration of IBM i data, keeping it synchronized, and ensuring high availability and disaster recovery capabilities for IBM i applications running in Skytap.

Download datasheet

Additional Resources

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