Agile DevOps for
 Traditional Applications

Modernize Development for Traditional Applications

Agile development practices allow you to quickly respond to customer needs, adapt product experiences to new market conditions and stay ahead of competition. With faster feedback loops and accelerated release cycles, DevOps supercharge your dev teams to deliver with increased velocity, scale and quality. Skytap enables you to modernize development of traditional applications built for IBM Power Systems, making it easy to embrace modern approaches and cloud-native tools without the need to re-architect or re-platform your mission-critical workloads.

Continuous Innovation Delivery

Skytap is the only public cloud service purpose-built to natively run AIX, IBM i and Linux on Power workloads in the cloud. Traditional applications run natively on IBM Power hardware hosted in Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud data centers ensuring maximum compatibility. 

Once migrated to the cloud, Skytap’s self-service, on-demand access to full-stack application environments streamline provisioning and mitigate the risk of configuration drift. Entire application environments–including complex network topologies–can be templated and spun-up in isolation to allow test teams to drive broader coverage, across multiple instances, in less time.

Integrated support for popular continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tooling adds new build and deployment automation for traditional applications design to benefit from the performance and reliability of the IBM Power Systems platform.

Featured DevOps Solution Partners

Skytap’s extensible architecture and powerful APIs allow you to introduce new cloud native DevOps tools or continue using the ones your team is familiar with. Visit our Tech Partners page to learn more about Skytap partners.

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