High Availability and
 Disaster Recovery

Migrate, Run, and Recover Traditional Apps with Minimal Downtime

With current estimates placing the cost of downtime at around $300,000 per hour, enterprises are under increasing pressure to recover quickly from system failures. However, replicating and modernizing mission-critical workloads in an on-premises environment is costly, and rearchitecting these same applications in the cloud can take months.

Skytap Cloud is a high availability solution that lets you migrate traditional applications to the cloud unchanged and with minimal downtime.

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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

In disaster recovery architectures, resources are usually duplicated and replicated to a different datacenter and geographical region to ensure enough distance from the source of the failure. Skytap supports multiple disaster recovery solutions, depending on your current application location and business requirements. These include cold and warm off-site disaster recovery for applications running in your on-premises datacenter, as well as disaster recovery to an alternate region for applications running in Skytap.

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Minutes

Skytap Cloud & Robot HA can cut recovery time for IBM i applications down to minutes by making a fast switch to a target system in a different location. Maintain self-monitoring, self-healing and node swaps, allowing your admins to focus on other things

“Using Robot HA to migrate and replicate IBM i application data in Skytap application environments, customers can be confident that their applications running in Skytap’s cloud will receive the same level of high availability and resiliency we deliver with Robot HA on premises,”

Tom Huntington,
Executive Vice President, HelpSystems


Skytap & IBM PowerHA technology offers high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery for IBM i and AIX on Power. Our simplified user interface lets you deploy an HA solution that delivers on storage and high availability requirements with one integrated configuration.

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