Multi-Cloud Strategies
 Are The New Normal

Why consider a multi-cloud strategy?

Customers initially thought their hyperscale cloud provider could address every application in their portfolio but this is not true. Traditional applications have different needs than cloud-native applications including specific architectures, OS requirements and networking requirements.

Rewriting traditional applications from the ground up is costly and complex. This is not feasible as a first step in modernizing a traditional application. It’s time to think differently and leverage the best cloud for your traditional applications. Skytap is that cloud.

Skytap Cloud

Skytap Cloud as part of a multi-cloud strategy

Skytap is focused on modernizing traditional applications. Skytap enables enterprises to innovate faster by building and running hybrid applications that combine traditional applications with cloud-native capabilities. Skytap easily migrates traditional applications to the cloud – including x86/VMware – and is the only cloud that supports AIX/Linux on Power-based applications.

Reskilling is not required immediately. Teams can leverage existing skills and then reskill as the application is modernized. The bottom line is you get value from the cloud faster and more tightly aligned with business needs.

Cloud Platform

Traditional applications aren’t left behind and you aren’t locked-in

Skytap Cloud is designed specifically for running and modernizing your traditional applications. You can integrate with new cloud-native architecture and services to extend the value of existing applications. Gain cloud benefits, additional return on investment, and modernize at your own pace using best-of-breed cloud-native services.

Modernize with Skytap Cloud


Skytap Overview Video
Skytap Overview Video

Skytap accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing traditional applications with cloud-native development and services. Watch the overview video and learn more about Skytap.


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