Educate Your Customers with
       Virtual Hands-on Labs

Offering Technical Training is Essential

Your customers invest in technology, tools, and systems to save time and money, increase sales, and improve communication and efficiency. Technical training helps your customers maximize these benefits by teaching them to fully use and optimize the myriad functions provided by your solution.

Not only do well-trained customers purchase significantly more than their peers, but you are more likely to gain repeat customers who both stick with your solution and spread the word to others.

Audiences are Increasingly Diverse and Distributed

Successful solutions offer corresponding training to help users maximize the solution’s capabilities as well as ROI. However, traditional on-premises, instructor-led training comes with a number of challenges:

  • Lab resources can be unavailable for training needs
  • Long wait times for training lab requests
  • Unable to scale to meet revenue goals
  • Increasing costs and dependencies for hardware, shipping, setup, and maintenance
  • Students unwilling to travel for on-site training

Students want the convenience of web-based, on-demand classes with a hands-on lab component, but this can be difficult to deliver globally due to:

  • Limited compute capacity for hands-on labs
  • Latency slowing down global availability
  • Student connectivity requirements not being met
  • Difficult instructor/student interaction

The result can be a disjointed workflow and overall poor student experience that impacts the training program’s overall effectiveness, both in terms of learning and revenue goals.

Reach a Wider Audience with Virtual Training Labs

Virtual Instructor-led training (VILT) involves tailoring coursework for geographically dispersed students and instructors. Cloud computing, virtualization, and standardized and flexible APIs make delivering VILT both possible and effective. Virtual learning programs offer:

  • Global 24/7 access
  • Ability to rapidly create classroom environments without IT’s help
  • Ability to add students on-demand without incurring additional infrastructure costs
  • Ability to scale hands-on training environments based on increasing demands

VILT increases training effectiveness, reduces lab provisioning time from several hours to minutes, and eliminates physical training machines.

Build, Host, and Deliver VILT with Skytap Cloud Classrooms

The Skytap Cloud Classrooms extension provides an end-to-end student lab environment solution. Within just a few minutes, it’s possible to schedule the build out, delivery, and tear down of even the most complex lab environments.

Skytap Cloud Classrooms allows third parties, like contractors or partners, to schedule and manage their own training labs, while the content and makeup of the labs remains under the direct control of the Skytap Cloud customer.

By making the solution easy to use, vendors cultivate repeat business and can use paid training as a lucrative revenue base.

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