The Expectations of the Enterprise 2.0: An Interview with Matt McIlwain

Madrona Venture Group’s Matt McIlwain discusses what the enterprise 2.0 means, and what brought us to this point in software development. Learn how BYOD policies, empowerment, and other innovative strategies all contribute to the apps we can’t live without. Noel: Hello, this is Noel Wurst with Skytap and I am speaking Matt McIlwain who is

2014 Enterprise Software and Application Predictions

The best part about waiting until the last minute to post your tech predictions for the coming year isn’t so that you can copy what your favorite software pundits are clamoring for, it’s so you can validate your list as being necessary, and a true beacon amidst the countless other lists that are being posted

Easier Scaling in the Cloud: An Interview with Ryan Carey

DataXu software engineer Ryan Carey sits down to explain how moving his company’s dev/test environments to the cloud enabled his company to scale at the speed they needed by using on-demand resources. Noel Wurst: Hello. My name is Noel Wurst. I am with Skytap. Today I am sitting here with Ryan Carey from DataXu. DataXu

Your Move to the Cloud: An Interview with Fulcrum Technologies’ Paul Haury

Fulcrum Technologies IT Director Paul Haury sits down with Noel Wurst to explain what made Fulcrum look to the cloud to alleviate the pain points they were experiencing in the field of enterprise asset management. Learn how Fulcrum’s dev/test teams in particular were able to do their job faster, and at a higher quality after

Five Key Takeaways from Amazon AWS re:Invent

It often takes a couple of days to sleep off “the Vegas” after attending a conference in the hyperactive desert, but, after an event as innovation-packed
as AWS re:Invent, take even a single day’s rest after it’s all over and you’ll hear your competition blazing by you. For those who weren’t lucky enough to attend AWS

AWS re:Invent Keynote Live Blog

Head of Amazon Web Services Andy Jassy and an impressive handful of invited guests took the stage on Wednesday to give the keynote address at this year’s AWS re:Invent conference. While the speakers’ backgrounds were widely varied, from finance, to journalism, to CGI in today’s biggest action films, it was very well played that each

Skytap Team Heading to Agile Development Conference East

The Skytap team will be arriving in Boston to attend Agile Development Conference East. The event runs from November 10-15. At the conference, attendees will discover the latest in agile methods, technologies, tools, and leadership principles from thought leaders who deliver inspiring keynotes, in-depth tutorials, and a wide range of conference classes. Join industry experts

Skytap CTO, Brad Schick, to Speak at AWS re:Invent

​Join Skytap  at AWS re:Invent on Thursday, November 14 to hear Skytap CTO, Brad Schick, along with Skytap customers Fulcrum, DataXu and F5 for a session on Application Darwinism – Why Most Enterprise Apps Will Evolve to the Cloud. Overview: Complex multi-tier enterprise applications have often been under development for decades, leaving many to assume that these projects have dependencies on underlying operating systems,

NetworkWorld Names Skytap’s Continuous Integration Plugin for Jenkins as Product of the Week

NetworkWorld has named Skytap’s Continuous Integration Plugin for Jenkins among its Products of the Week for October 28, 2013. Skytap Cloud is purpose-built to help dev/test teams adopt agile methodologies. Jenkins, by utilizing the Skytap for Jenkins CI Plugin, can integrate the build up, tear down, state save, and sharing of multi-VM, multi-tiered complex computing

User Support Series: Guide to the Dashboard

In this edition of the user support series we’re going to walk through the Skytap Dashboard. The dashboard was recently redesigned from the ground up. We focused our efforts on crafting a great user experience with a new navigation structure a refined look and feel. Getting Started Widget The Getting Started widget features how-to videos

CEO Quarterly Retrospective

I find it helpful to review recent events so I can put them in perspective, so this blog is a quick summary of Skytap milestones over the last quarter. In my first Skytap blog I said I planned to be a regular contributor to the Skytap community, and in this piece I’d like to point

How DevOps Helps Move Your Automated Testing to the Cloud

I recently had an article published on entitled: How DevOps Helps Move Your Automated Testing to the Cloud. The subject of development and testing in the cloud is highly relevant to today’s enterprises. Leading software companies are discovering that leveraging the cloud for development allows teams to quickly spin up multiple development stacks and

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