NetworkWorld Hot Product: Skytap Virtual Private PaaS with Cloud Foundry v2

​This week during VMworld we saw the best and brightest in virtualization and cloud computing descend on the city of San Francisco. It was a mix of IT technical professionals and IT business decision-makers from organizations of all sizes, representing a wide range of industries. On the first day of the conference, NetworkWorld released its

Agile 2013: Creating Software Better and Faster

The Skytap team recently returned from Agile 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference offered anyone involved with software development a unique opportunity to explore the depth of Agile techniques. Skytap was proud to be a part of all the methodologies and tools that were on display during the week. And over at the Skytap booth,

A Look at the Expert Predictions for VMworld 2013

It’s never too early to start planning for VMworld. The Skytap team is always excited to attend an event where so many great companies are emerging with great products. The energy, enthusiasm, and spirit of innovation and learning over the 5-day event is off the charts. It’s definitely our kind of scene. As we’re all

Skytap Leadership at Upcoming Industry Events

In the coming months, Skytap leadership will be attending a number of industry events, including Agile 2013, VMworld, Camp IT, and STARWEST. The Skytap team will be providing live demonstrations of Skytap Cloud, including how our software is used by enterprise customers for development and testing, software demonstrations and evaluations, and virtual training environments. Agile

White Paper: Accelerate Software Development with DevOps and Hybrid Cloud

Our new whitepaper discusses the state of DevOps and hybrid cloud computing, as well as the business and technical advantages of combining DevOps with hybrid cloud architecture. The right cloud provider will enable enterprises to move workloads to a secure hybrid cloud, thereby creating a seamless and secure extension to existing internal IT infrastructure, resources,

Accelerate DevOps with Hybrid Cloud

​In my previous blog, Combining DevOps with Agile Development, I discussed the state of DevOps and the need to incorporate Agile Development—concluding that while DevOps and Agile development were a great fit, a hybrid cloud was the third piece of the puzzle to help the enterprise accelerate the pace of software development, deployment, and innovation.

Time. Development and Test Teams Never Have Enough of it.

Leading software companies are discovering that leveraging the cloud for development and test can slash both cycle times and costs by enabling dev/test teams to quickly spin up multiple development stacks and test environments on demand. This type of agile environment is proving particularly beneficial to IT teams that are also tasked with support of

Remote Collaboration in the Modern Technology Enterprise

Remote collaboration has become an essential part of the modern technology enterprise, but without the right tools it can be a real pain. When coding, troubleshooting, teaching someone a graphical application—or anything else you do—it seems so much easier if you and your partners are looking at the same thing side by side. Posting log

Hybrid Cloud Capabilities for DevOps Professionals and Teams

Our enterprise-ready, hybrid cloud capabilities let IT operations and development and test professionals quickly and securely extend on-premise environments to Skytap Cloud. New features, including Network Address Translation (NAT), Command Line Interface (CLI) and Single Sign-On (SSO), enable development and test teams to more quickly and easily deploy virtual environments in Skytap Cloud, while providing

Here’s How You Knock a Cloud Trial Out of the Park

Today I’m going to pass along 3 successful habits for running a cloud trial. These tips are based on my experience helping hundreds of companies evaluate Skytap as a cloud provider for development and testing. If you worked through the suggestions in my previous blog piece: A 5-Step Process for Tuning out the Cloud Hype,

With Cloud Computing, Every Minute Counts

Benjamin Franklin coined the enduring phrase ‘Time is money.’ That was more than 2 centuries ago and it is particularly apt when describing cloud computing today. A defining characteristic of cloud computing—whether public, private, or hybrid—is its self-service nature. Computing resources are delivered on demand and end users pay based on their consumption levels, which

The Results Are In: 2013 Future of Cloud Computing Survey

​For the third year in a row, North Bridge Venture Partners and GigaOM Research have produced a survey on The Future of Cloud Computing. The survey was supported by 57 collaborators making it the broadest survey of its kind. The study compiles results from hundreds of respondents, over a third from c-level executives at leading