Dev/Test: A 5-Step Process for Tuning out the Cloud Hype

Over the past few years it would have been hard to miss the slow and systematic outsourcing of certain parts of corporate IT. The primary solution has been cloud computing—which, of course, means the market is flush with cloud providers—and a lot of hype. With so many options to choose from, it becomes even more

250 Enterprise Customers Deploy More Than 2 Million Virtual Machines

Today we are proud to announce that 250 enterprise customers have deployed more than two million virtual machines using Skytap Cloud. Enterprise companies are increasingly deploying a hybrid cloud computing architecture, attracted by the ability to connect on-premise private cloud and virtualized infrastructure with a secure public cloud infrastructure. This enables enterprise teams to benefit

Think You Can’t Control the Cloud? Think Again.

In a recent article for ReadWriteWeb, Matt Asay talks about the very real need for IT to have security and control without becoming a bottleneck. From the article: It’s hard to believe, but just 10 years ago open source was considered “communist,” an anti-American cancer and the terror of corporate legal departments everywhere. Now, as

Companies Enjoying Big Success with Hybrid Cloud

The previous three posts in this series covered Is this the Start of a Hybrid Cloud Revolution?, How to Build a Hybrid Cloud, and What Does a Hybrid Cloud Look Like?. Even if you have been reading the series from the start, you may still be skeptical of hybrid cloud because it appears ‘bleeding edge’

Skytap Experts to Speak at Spring Development and Testing Conferences

This spring, Skytap experts will be discussing enterprise cloud computing trends and showcasing award-winning software at a number of industry events, including Camp IT, SharePointlandia, STAREAST, and IBM Innovate. We’ll provide live demonstrations of Skytap Cloud, including how our software is used by enterprise customers for development and testing, software demonstrations and evaluations, and virtual

Brett Goodwin to Speak on the Next Generation of Cloud Computing Strategies at CAMP IT

Brett Goodwin, Vice President of Marketing and Development from Skytap, will be speaking at CAMP IT in Chicago on the topic of Choosing Between Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is as much of a business decision as it is an IT decision. While some may argue that this disruptive technology has

What Does a Hybrid Cloud Look Like?

In the last two posts of this series, I posed the question Is this the Start of a Hybrid Cloud Revolution? and then described How to Build a Hybrid Cloud. Building off of that base knowledge, I’d like to demonstrate what exactly a hybrid cloud looks like. It’s one thing to see a simple hybrid

How to Build a Hybrid Cloud

In my last post, Is this the Start of a Hybrid Cloud Revolution? I talked about how hybrid cloud has advanced and how I believe it is on the verge of mass adoption by enterprises around the world. ​ At too many companies, new technology is adopted not because IT planned it or wanted it,

Is this the Start of a Hybrid Cloud Revolution?

Prepare yourself. Hybrid cloud is about to explode. At too many companies, new technology is adopted not because IT planned it or wanted it, but because they were forced into it. Luckily, there are solutions that are allowing IT to get ahead of the technology curve—hybrid cloud being one of them. Consider this: What if

Accelerate BDT Workflows with the Skytap Automation Pack

Agile development and testing methodologies enable businesses to accelerate the delivery of new software products to market. While some cloud services have attempted to provide a foundation for these Agile environments, they often require sacrifices from the development and test teams. Many cloud providers operate at the basic infrastructure-as-a-service level, which typically requires an up-front

Skytap Adds Templates to Public Library to Support Cloudera and Hadoop

Pre-configured enterprise templates that support Cloudera® and Apache™ Hadoop® are now available in the Skytap Cloud public template library. With this release, our enterprise customers gain on-demand, self-service access to Cloudera’s open source distribution of Apache Hadoop, including the Cloudera Enterprise free edition, which can be used to deploy and manage physical or virtual clusters

Balancing Public and Private with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

In a new article, Network World has named 2013 the year of the hybrid cloud. The article also includes 10 predictions by industry analysts, and two in particular caught my eye. Prediction #1: Hybrid clouds will take off. That is, in fact, exactly what we are seeing happen on the front lines here at Skytap.

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