Trek and Skytap Ride Together on the Trail of Innovation

Breakthrough innovation can come from anywhere, at any time, in any place. Today, I was in just one of those places. Waterloo, Wisconsin–home of Skytap Cloud customer Trek Bicycles. Founded in 1976, at a time when it was believed that bicycle manufacturing had moved out of the U.S. for good–in an old red barn, with

9 Cloud Computing Trends for 2012

In the article The future of cloud computing: 9 trends for 2012, Andrew Nusca of ZDnet uses data from a recent North Bridge Venture Partners survey to frame a discussion on the trends that are affecting the future of cloud computing. And as we’re halfway through 2012, I thought this list was a timely checkpoint

The Battle of Gettysburg Ends. The Battle of Public IaaS Begins.

Nearly a century and a half ago, the Battle of Gettysburg came to an end with Robert E. Lee’s last failed attempt to break up the Union during a 5-year war that was ultimately footnoted as a defining moment in American history. And as the Battle of Gettysburg was a pivotal turning point in the

Trek Ascends to the Cloud with Skytap

Aging infrastructure is one reason that many companies make the decision to integrate cloud solutions. Trek, one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world, had a point-of-sale software called Ascend, with a development and test IT infrastructure based on an old VMware environment consisting of four servers, a SAN storage system, and limited on-premises

Watch SmartClient at Work

SmartClient™ is our latest feature release that offers a fast, easy, and secure way to remotely access and interact with the complex computing environments you create in Skytap Cloud™. It offers the flexibility of using the SmartClient Java-based browser applet or any Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)-capable client on any device including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and

Virtual Trainers: Are You Asking the Right Questions About the Cloud?

Since the economic downturn of 2008, training organizations have been asked to do more with less. I’ve heard from many of our customers that training budgets were the first to be cut, which is now forcing a shift in how training is delivered. Many customers have chosen not to travel to remote training facilities and

Slashdot TV Interview With Brett Goodwin on Skytap Cloud

At last month’s Interop Conference in Las Vegas, Slashdot TV stopped by the Skytap booth to speak with Brett Goodwin, our VP of Marketing and Business Development. In the interview, Brett elaborates on the features and capabilities of Skytap Cloud™ and how application developers and testers use our product to collaborate and do more faster.

Enterprise Networking Planet Picks 10 Networking Newcomers to Watch

In Robert McGarvey’s latest article for Enterprise Networking Planet, he discusses Top 10 Networking Newcomers to Watch, and outlines how beyond the big names like Cisco, Juniper, HP, IBM, Brocade, and Alcatel-Lucent–there are smaller, more nimble, enterprise networking companies that are introducing innovation. From the article: Software defined networking, virtual networking, virtual desktops, cloud …

So, Skytap—What Are You Anyhow?

Considering the pace at which cloud computing is moving, it’s no surprise that many have a tough time putting their finger on what an ever-expanding array of vendors are actually delivering. No need to worry, as I don’t plan to spend this post pontificating on the liberal application of the term “cloud”–or even “cloud washing”

Software Demos and Evaluations: Five Successful Habits for Selecting a Cloud Provider

Since the introduction of client/server architecture in the early 1980s, enterprise computing has only become more complicated. Because of this, enterprise applications are incredibly hard to showcase during a software demonstration to a potential prospect or customer. With a constantly evolving product and large sales force, it becomes even more difficult to guarantee that your

The Cloud … Now With More IaaS

Late last week, Derrick Harris, of tech industry watcher GigaOm, blogged that both Google and Microsoft are readying new entrants to compete in the ongoing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud arms race. While Harris’ sources in Mountain View and Redmond have “declined to comment” on the particulars, it doesn’t require a wild imagination to

George Carlin Would Have Loved Hybrid Clouds

George Carlin’s bit on the importance of “stuff” is a comedy classic. As human beings, we have an innate need to acquire, hold, move, and find places to put our stuff. In our personal and professional lives, acquiring stuff can give us a sense of accomplishment, security, and control. Historically, acquiring stuff has been common practice