On-Demand: The Concept of Hybrid Applications

​In our recent webinar, “The Concept of Hybrid Applications,” Seth Payne, Sr. Technical Product Manager for Skytap, took a look at a growing trend amongst forward-thinking enterprise teams. With the growth of cloud computing, technical managers are looking for ways to leverage this emerging platform to improve performance, reduce costs, and better serve their users.

Will DevOps Become the Norm? Your Customers Sure Hope So.

All prognosticators, even us who simply roll out a single annual list, hope for two things: one, that your predictions get a lot of traction and shares across the industry, and two, that you end up actually being correct. Anil Batra’s list of 2014 predictions has turned a lot of heads, largely due to the

Monthly Skytap Comic Strip Recap

We’ve turned ourselves into quite the cartoonists, well, we’re not drawing the comics, we’re using Bitstrips (which are really fun, and pretty addictive) but at least we’re writing them—and they are all software development and testing related. Once a month, we’ll recap them here, or to see them as they’re released, follow us on Twitter!

What’s Really Driving the Consumerization of IT?

We hear all the time about the consumerization of IT. It almost gets as much prime headline real estate as big data, but now that we’ve all started accepting that consumerization is here—what are we going to do with it? Hopefully your answer revolves around expanding and growing your business, because that’s what you should

How CI Is Coming to Mean “Continuous Innovation” in the Enterprise

Asking the question, “What is enterprise software?” or, “What is enterprise software designed to do?” will get you an infinite number of answers. I know, because I’ve asked this question again and again. But whether the answer is “to perform business functions,” “solve major problems,” or my favorite answer, “to provide value to our customers,”

CES 2014 Sees Increased Interest in the Enterprise

There was a time when CES was essentially only a toy store. That may sound absurd, but it’s true. The TVs, phones, video game systems, and computers were for tech-heads who had to have the latest devices…in their homes. But with the rampant rise of consumerization, and the complete inability for businesses, especially in the

The Expectations of the Enterprise 2.0: An Interview with Matt McIlwain

Madrona Venture Group’s Matt McIlwain discusses what the enterprise 2.0 means, and what brought us to this point in software development. Learn how BYOD policies, empowerment, and other innovative strategies all contribute to the apps we can’t live without. Noel: Hello, this is Noel Wurst with Skytap and I am speaking Matt McIlwain who is

Skytap CTO named Startup Technology Leadership Star

We don’t like to get too into the habit of patting ourselves on the back, so it’s always nice when someone else does it for you. The Puget Sound Business Journal recently named Skytap CTO and VP of Engineering Brad Schick as the winner of their 2013 Startup Technology Leadership Star award. PSBJ Managing Editor

2014 Enterprise Software and Application Predictions

The best part about waiting until the last minute to post your tech predictions for the coming year isn’t so that you can copy what your favorite software pundits are clamoring for, it’s so you can validate your list as being necessary, and a true beacon amidst the countless other lists that are being posted

How Skytap’s Customers Used the Cloud in 2013

Between the keynotes, the track sessions, and the conversations on the expo floor, Amazon AWS re:Invent 2013 was a ton of information to take in over the course of a couple of days. Amidst all the goings-on, we got the opportunity to sit down with three of Skytap’s customers to learn a little more about

Your Move to the Cloud: An Interview with Fulcrum Technologies’ Paul Haury

Fulcrum Technologies IT Director Paul Haury sits down with Noel Wurst to explain what made Fulcrum look to the cloud to alleviate the pain points they were experiencing in the field of enterprise asset management. Learn how Fulcrum’s dev/test teams in particular were able to do their job faster, and at a higher quality after

An Innovative Approach to Liberating IT

One of the conversations that I overheard repeatedly while attending AWS re:Invent 2013 revolved around the concept of a “liberated IT department.” I’d of course known about the stereotypes (and massive workloads) that have surrounded IT professionals for decades, but it wasn’t until I spent some time in the Skytap booth at the re:Invent Expo