How many clicks does it take to create a Cloud network?

We are making networking easy in Skytap Cloud – so easy that may be “cloudnetwork” jokes will become as fashionable as “lightbulb” jokes! All it takes is a couple of mouse clicks to create a realistic (meaning complex) application network topology. What we are seeing is that this power and simplicity has freed users from

Network Automation Announcement

Today Skytap announced breakthrough network automation capabilities that simplify and accelerate the creation, migration and deployment of multi-tier enterprise applications in the cloud. These features empower IT organizations to create virtual data centers with advanced network topologies and enable functional users to deploy them with an easy-to-use, self-service interface. New capabilities include: Support for advanced, multi-tier

Skytap Virtual Lab – January Release

The January 2009 release of Skytap Virtual includes lots of new capabilities and feature requests from our user community.  As always, thanks for your continued input and feedback on the product! Here is what’s new for January: -Per-User Usage Quotas -Usage Metering & Reporting Enhancements -Auto-Suspend Configurations at Specific Times -Specify Access Time Windows for

API and ‘One-Click’ VPN Screencasts

We launched our REST-based Web services API and one-click VPN functionality today which gives  organizations a way to use cloud resources as as an extension of existing onsite IT environments. View these two screencasts to see how they work! API Screencast ‘One-Click’ VPN Screencast

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