Caught! The Real Culprit of Shadow IT

Once you learn the definition of shadow IT, it shouldn’t be too shocking to learn how widespread it is at companies large and small all over the world. I hate to assume, but the odds are, that you yourself have used a non-IT approved SaaS option for the same reason as everyone else, myself included.

CES 2014 Sees Increased Interest in the Enterprise

There was a time when CES was essentially only a toy store. That may sound absurd, but it’s true. The TVs, phones, video game systems, and computers were for tech-heads who had to have the latest devices…in their homes. But with the rampant rise of consumerization, and the complete inability for businesses, especially in the

Your Move to the Cloud: An Interview with Fulcrum Technologies’ Paul Haury

Fulcrum Technologies IT Director Paul Haury sits down with Noel Wurst to explain what made Fulcrum look to the cloud to alleviate the pain points they were experiencing in the field of enterprise asset management. Learn how Fulcrum’s dev/test teams in particular were able to do their job faster, and at a higher quality after

Five Key Takeaways from Amazon AWS re:Invent

It often takes a couple of days to sleep off “the Vegas” after attending a conference in the hyperactive desert, but, after an event as innovation-packed
as AWS re:Invent, take even a single day’s rest after it’s all over and you’ll hear your competition blazing by you. For those who weren’t lucky enough to attend AWS

Cloud Computing and the Security of Capital Markets

I recently sat down with Danial Faizullabhoy from the Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) to recount the story of the Quantum Dawn 2 (QD2) project. The purpose of QD2 was to test the security of capital markets during cyber attacks and other catastrophic events. Norwich University has been a Skytap customer for quite a

Ask a Skytap Engineer: Ian Bone

For this edition of the ‘Ask a Skytap Engineer’ series, I spoke with Ian Bone, an engineer on Skytap’s networking team. Ian’s been all over the stack at a variety of large and small employers, and he really dislikes doing work that computers can do for him. In his spare time, Ian bikes, dances, does

The Best of 2013 (So Far)

As we pass the midpoint of 2013, we’re revisiting the most popular content on the Skytap blog. Across the cloud computing industry as a whole, people wrote about things like why application development is better in the cloud, the different value propositions of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, and the variety of concerns relating

Dev/Test: A 5-Step Process for Tuning out the Cloud Hype

Over the past few years it would have been hard to miss the slow and systematic outsourcing of certain parts of corporate IT. The primary solution has been cloud computing—which, of course, means the market is flush with cloud providers—and a lot of hype. With so many options to choose from, it becomes even more

Think You Can’t Control the Cloud? Think Again.

In a recent article for ReadWriteWeb, Matt Asay talks about the very real need for IT to have security and control without becoming a bottleneck. From the article: It’s hard to believe, but just 10 years ago open source was considered “communist,” an anti-American cancer and the terror of corporate legal departments everywhere. Now, as

Security and Compliance: Does Your Cloud Provider Have Your Back?

In a recent article for CIO entitled, Ignore Cloud Security Assessment at Your Own Risk, John Moore asks who should be on the hook for assessing and validating cloud security, and how the sometimes-complicated world of cloud computing makes that question tricky to answer. From the article: “SaaS apps cover a lot of ground these

Security and Compliance in the Cloud Matters

You don’t have to search at length to find articles that highlight conferences, panel discussions, and reports on the topic of cloud security. The topic is everywhere for a reason—security and compliance in the cloud matters. And at Skytap, we believe in making our security and compliance measures transparent to our existing customers, and to

Slashdot TV Interview With Brett Goodwin on Skytap Cloud

At last month’s Interop Conference in Las Vegas, Slashdot TV stopped by the Skytap booth to speak with Brett Goodwin, our VP of Marketing and Business Development. In the interview, Brett elaborates on the features and capabilities of Skytap Cloud™ and how application developers and testers use our product to collaborate and do more faster.

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