LogiGear Provides Early Look at Better Test Design & Skytap Partnership

Skytap thrives on partnering with our friends in the software development and testing community who share a passion for both disrupting and modernizing software delivery. Last week at STARWEST, I got to learn about the incredible team at LogiGear, how they’re tackling one of the biggest challenges in software testing today, and why the new

The DevHops Podcast Episode 6: DevOps Practices for Systems of Record

It’s time for another episode of the DevHops Podcast! While at the 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit—check out our recap of the entire show—Skytap DevOps consulting manager Kelly Looney and I recorded this episode with Accenture agile and DevOps lead Mirco Hering. Mirco was giving his “Adopting DevOps Practices for Systems of Record” session later in

Continuous Delivery Decision Points: Getting Software Safely into Production

Consulting manager Kelly Looney is speaking this week at DevOps Days Detroit. We sat down with him to learn more about his session, and the evolving focus of DevOps that he and others have spotted. Noel: You’ve said that DevOps is evolving from focusing on build automation to full-on continuous delivery. What’s causing that evolution?

Guest Post: 8 Software Testing Demons that Service Virtualization Can Exorcise

This spooky Halloween-themed piece comes from our TAP partners at Parasoft. Check out their killer blog! Ever had a frightful encounter with the following testing demons? They tend to lurk around complex interconnected systems, just waiting to wreak havoc by forcing you to delay testing, work at dreadful hours, or make distressing trade-offs on the

Gene Kim and Others Share What DevOps is Really “All About”

Skytap was in full force at Electric Cloud’s second annual DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) last week—in the Expo, recording podcasts with the show’s amazing speakers, and sitting in on every keynote and track session possible. Our goal was to get a better grasp on how DevOps is being defined (a hundred different ways), how DevOps

The DevHops Podcast Episode 5: Service Virtualization at Alaska Airlines

One of the most well-attended sessions of the week at STARWEST was Parasoft and Alaska Airlines‘ crack-of-dawn session on continuous testing through service virtualization. We got Alaska Airlines quality analyst Ryan Papineau to join us on the latest episode of the Skytap DevHops Podcast, so we could learn more about service virtualization’s role in the airline’s
QAC and Skytap Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: QA Consultants (QAC) and Skytap

Today’s partner spotlight comes to us from QA Consultants (QAC), a firm that is 100% dedicated to providing software testing services for their customers. You may have noticed today’s Partner Announcement with QAC. There is a great deal of in-house expertise in their Toronto, Canada center of excellence as well as their satellite offices, and Skytap provides them

Live Blog: Testing for Summer Snowstorms to Avoid Winter Woes

Look for a series of live blogs from Skytap while we attend STARWEST this week in Anaheim, California! It takes more than guts to hold a late addition “bonus” session at 7:15 in the morning; it also takes having an outstanding story to tell so you’re not telling it to an empty room while everyone

How I Learned to Love Environment Proliferation

Software development is a strange craft. In some ways things seem to stay the same forever; we still sit at the same Unix command line from over 20 years ago and we use usually the same editors, but the software being developed feels pretty different. For one thing, we spend much more time selecting the

Top Four Can’t Miss Events at STARWEST

With STARWEST only a week away, and there being too much awesomeness on the conference schedule to take in on your own, we’ve gone through and picked the top four goings-on that we think are absolute can’t miss events while you’re in Anaheim. We eagerly circle the STARWEST dates on the calendar each year, as the

Technical Series Kickoff: Scaling Modern Software Delivery

Chapter 1: How I Learned to Love Environment Proliferation Chapter 2: Continuous Delivery Decision Points: Getting Software Safely into Production Chapter 3: DevOps Practices for Systems of Record (Podcast) Chapter 4: Is Agile a Prerequisite for Beginning DevOps Initiatives? Chapter 5: Tipping the DevOps Scale: An Interview with Gary Gruver Chapter 6: What’s in Your DevOps Toolchain? Chapter 7: Evaluating

What Can Software Testing Tea Leaves Tell Us?

Closely analyzing the evolution of software conference program schedules can often paint a pretty accurate picture of the current state of our industry. Sometimes that picture is rosy, and gives you confidence that we’re headed in the right direction—and sometimes it can cause downright fear. After pouring over this year’s STARWEST program, it’s clear that