Identical Resource Constraints Plague Drug and Software Development

Last month, I came across an article from BT Group’s Peter Shaw, titled, “How the cloud is clearing the headaches of drug development” and was truly marveled by something. The similarities between the development of drugs and software are remarkable. This isn’t the first time the software development process has been compared to another industry,

Intervention Coming for “I Hate Agile” Crowd

For all of the conferences held in agile’s honor, and the praise it gets from coaches, evangelists, and companies like Skytap, nobody calls it a silver bullet. But there’s one thing we all agree on—agile is very difficult. Whether looking at the culture change required, embracing the continuous integration, delivery and deployment of code, or

The DevHops Podcast Episode 4: Continuous Testing

Welcome to the fourth episode of the DevHops Podcast! This week we’re speaking with Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer Wayne Ariola about software quality and the emergence of continuous testing in the enterprise. Let’s get started—we hope you enjoy the show! Noel:  Hey, DevHops listeners. Just a quick tip that we’re starting this week’s show with. If you’re already familiar

Five Ways Not to Test Software

For those needing a “too long, didn’t read” (TL:DR) version, the answer is: “Make your testers feel crushingly undervalued, prevent them from collaborating with others, and don’t leave enough time in the SDLC to find or correct the bugs they find. Hopefully, you’re doing none of the above. Jason Schreier, news editor for the popular

Why “Test Obsession” Is the Disruptive Culture of the Future

After learning that Alaska Airlines has won the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Traditional Carriers” award for eight years running, and the “Number 1 on-time major North American Carrier” award for the last five, I would assume that their dedication to incredible software quality is just as worthy of public heralding. Parasoft, one of our

The DevHops Podcast Ep. 3: How to Test for Enterprise Mobility

Lydia Casillas from Sky I.T. Group joins us for our third episode to discuss the challenges of testing mobile apps and the mobile web to ensure security, usability, and powerful “enterprise mobility.” We also review beers from Stone, Freemont, and Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.! Tap In! Noel: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Skytap

On-Demand Environments and Data – Stay Ahead of the Competition

This piece was written by Tom Pryce at Grid-Tools. Grid-Tools is a TAP partner of Skytap and we’re joining them on July 14th to present, “Testing is No Longer Constrained by Environments and Data.” Join us, or look out for an on-demand recording to follow! In the “Age of the Customer”, every organization is a

Why “Olympian Aspirations” in Agile Testing Win Gold

Application development and delivery teams are under constant pressure to release quality features as quickly as possible. In fact, CIOs rate delivering applications faster, at a higher quality, and with strong control and oversight as their key priorities. Meeting the CIOs needs, and those of the business as a whole is obviously not easy, or so

Guest Post: Keeping Up with the Cycle of Continuous Delivery

The strain on businesses to keep up with the speedy technological advances make it ever more important to make sure that test teams are able to function at full capacity right from the start. This piece was originally published on the Grid-Tools blog and written by Ayeesha Monteiro. Grid-Tools is a Skytap TAP partner and you can learn

“Automate Everything” Challenged in Recent Article

In the last year, we’ve gotten much closer to a universally agreed upon definition of DevOps—and that’s a good thing. Confusion around the term sometimes resulted in even greater distrust between devs and ops, and those in testing, QA, or security wondered what their part is in this growing “must” for startups all the way

The Agile Application Delivery Trio

Join us on June 10th at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific as we team up with Orasi and Delphix to present, “The Agile Application Delivery Trio: Testing, Data and Environments.” For one thing, there are no silver bullets, and simply equipping development and test teams in the cloud with more infrastructure may generate initial gains, but without

Passive Quality Culture Leads to “Ticker Shock”

Asking a roomful of testers, “What do software defects really cost?” and then telling them, “much more than you think,” before anyone gets the chance to answer is a pretty gutsy move. It’s certainly one that could’ve easily backfired for Parasoft chief strategy officer Wayne Ariola at last week’s STAREAST conference. It did not backfire,

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