Five Key Takeaways from Amazon AWS re:Invent

It often takes a couple of days to sleep off “the Vegas” after attending a conference in the hyperactive desert, but, after an event as innovation-packed
as AWS re:Invent, take even a single day’s rest after it’s all over and you’ll hear your competition blazing by you. For those who weren’t lucky enough to attend AWS

AWS re:Invent Keynote Live Blog

Head of Amazon Web Services Andy Jassy and an impressive handful of invited guests took the stage on Wednesday to give the keynote address at this year’s AWS re:Invent conference. While the speakers’ backgrounds were widely varied, from finance, to journalism, to CGI in today’s biggest action films, it was very well played that each

How DevOps Helps Move Your Automated Testing to the Cloud

I recently had an article published on entitled: How DevOps Helps Move Your Automated Testing to the Cloud. The subject of development and testing in the cloud is highly relevant to today’s enterprises. Leading software companies are discovering that leveraging the cloud for development allows teams to quickly spin up multiple development stacks and

STARWEST: Be a Testing Rock Star

Next week in Anaheim, the Skytap team will be attending STARWEST as a proud gold sponsor. STARWEST is the premier event for software testers and quality assurance professionals—covering all your testing needs with 100+ learning and networking opportunities. The conference includes: Keynotes featuring recognized thought leaders In-depth half- and full-day tutorials Conference sessions covering major

Cloud Computing and the Security of Capital Markets

I recently sat down with Danial Faizullabhoy from the Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) to recount the story of the Quantum Dawn 2 (QD2) project. The purpose of QD2 was to test the security of capital markets during cyber attacks and other catastrophic events. Norwich University has been a Skytap customer for quite a

Ask a Skytap Engineer: Ian Bone

For this edition of the ‘Ask a Skytap Engineer’ series, I spoke with Ian Bone, an engineer on Skytap’s networking team. Ian’s been all over the stack at a variety of large and small employers, and he really dislikes doing work that computers can do for him. In his spare time, Ian bikes, dances, does

A Look at the Expert Predictions for VMworld 2013

It’s never too early to start planning for VMworld. The Skytap team is always excited to attend an event where so many great companies are emerging with great products. The energy, enthusiasm, and spirit of innovation and learning over the 5-day event is off the charts. It’s definitely our kind of scene. As we’re all

With Cloud Computing, Every Minute Counts

Benjamin Franklin coined the enduring phrase ‘Time is money.’ That was more than 2 centuries ago and it is particularly apt when describing cloud computing today. A defining characteristic of cloud computing—whether public, private, or hybrid—is its self-service nature. Computing resources are delivered on demand and end users pay based on their consumption levels, which

WEBINAR Cloud-enabled ALM: CI and Automated Testing

Join us Tuesday, May 28, at 11:00 am PT (2:00 pm ET) for Cloud Enabled ALM: Continuous Integration & Automated Testing. Enterprises today are looking for ways to accelerate their rate of innovation, increase revenues, and lower the costs of software development and delivery. Agile development and testing methodologies are increasingly being adopted as a

Channel 9: ALM Summit Presentation on Agile Testing

On January 31, I visited the ALM Summit and participated in the Agile Testing presentation given by Anutthara Bharadwaj. Her presentation addressed how Agile testing is becoming mainstream in software development across organizations of varying nature—and what happens when organizations with large nested teams; compliance and regulatory needs; multiple release cadences; and complex multi-tiered applications

Dev/Test: 3 Habits for Running a Successful Cloud Trial

​Having personally helped hundreds of companies evaluate Skytap as a development and testing cloud provider, I wanted to pass along my top 3 habits for running a successful cloud trial. If you worked through the suggestions in my previous blog piece: Questions to Ask When Vetting a Cloud Service Provider, you will have a foundation

Cushman & Wakefield Invests in the Cloud

Creating great software on time and on budget is no small task. And like all businesses, Cushman & Wakefield—the world’s largest privately held real estate service firm—has faced an increasingly complex and fast moving market, with demands for shorter response times to IT requests and a desire to enhance productivity of development and test teams.

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