Companies Enjoying Big Success with Hybrid Cloud

The previous three posts in this series covered Is this the Start of a Hybrid Cloud Revolution?, How to Build a Hybrid Cloud, and What Does a Hybrid Cloud Look Like?. Even if you have been reading the series from the start, you may still be skeptical of hybrid cloud because it appears ‘bleeding edge’

Skytap Experts to Speak at Spring Development and Testing Conferences

This spring, Skytap experts will be discussing enterprise cloud computing trends and showcasing award-winning software at a number of industry events, including Camp IT, SharePointlandia, STAREAST, and IBM Innovate. We’ll provide live demonstrations of Skytap Cloud, including how our software is used by enterprise customers for development and testing, software demonstrations and evaluations, and virtual

Virtual Training Made Easy in the Cloud

​Recently, I wrote a piece for that talked about the questions and concerns being raised by organizations interested in transitioning to cloud-based virtual training. From the article: Training organizations are always looking to provide software and technical training for employees and customers under the constraint of reduced budgets. More frequently, enterprises are choosing not

Getting an Integration Back on Track in 90 Seconds—Cloud Style

Building integration packs often requires that partners work closely to bring their products together. However, trying to get both parties together on a schedule can be tricky. Any hiccups along the way can quickly evolve from a few hours of lost time into a seriously long delay, which equals a ton of time in lost

The Impact of the Cloud on Virtual Training

Recently on, I talked about trends in enterprise training. Not only is training moving to the cloud, but the ideas of on-demand and automation have taken on whole new meanings. Enterprises are discovering that a cloud-based, virtual training solution doesn’t just save ample amounts of time, it can even generate revenue. From the article:

Tenable Scales its Virtual Training with Cloud Automation, Part 2

In Part 1 of the Tenable case study, we learned that as the training demand at Tenable Network Security grew rapidly, IT could no longer effectively service the Training Organization, so the business needed to look for alternatives. After exploring its options, Tenable chose to support its training classes using Skytap Cloud. The result is

Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Today we’re revisiting our series on the topic of choosing a cloud service provider. Many cloud providers have a hands-off approach to partnering with customers—so Alex Burreson, our West Coast Sales Manager, has provided his list of key questions to ask and successful habits to employ when making this crucial decision for your organization. There

New AutoNetworks and CloudControl Capabilities

Today we announced new AutoNetworks™ and CloudControl™ capabilities for enterprise hybrid clouds. Our multi-VPN capability extends software-defined networking features, and our new Scheduler automates actions on Skytap Cloud resources. AutoNetworks AutoNetworks is our unique software-defined networking capabilities for complex, multi-network, multi-machine environments. With multi-VPN capability, users can create multiple two-way secure connections between their Skytap

Virtual Training Success Stories in the Cloud

Last week in the blog piece Are We There Yet? Getting from Traditional to Virtual Training, I talked about how the on-demand nature of cloud computing has given instructors access to large, shared pools of virtual machines that can be accessed whenever and wherever they are required. Using self-service classroom management applications, instructors and lab

Are We There Yet? Getting from Traditional to Virtual Training.

As the challenges facing training organizations continue to grow, companies must find ways to provide software and technical training for employees and customers with significantly reduced budgets. To address these pressures, many training organizations have looked to online learning to solve cost and location challenges. However, implementing effective distance learning and reducing costs isn’t simple.

Skytap ESXi Multi-Machine Templates a Hot Product at VMworld

​NetworkWorld has named Skytap ESXi Multi-Machine Templates a hot product at VMworld. Announced on August 22, our ESXi Multi-Machine Templates enable users to spin up a virtual machine in Skytap Cloud that runs the VMware vSphere ESXi hypervisor and vSphere client in fewer than 60 seconds. Using pre-built and pre-configured multi-machine templates for ESX 4.1

Watch SmartClient at Work

SmartClient™ is our latest feature release that offers a fast, easy, and secure way to remotely access and interact with the complex computing environments you create in Skytap Cloud™. It offers the flexibility of using the SmartClient Java-based browser applet or any Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)-capable client on any device including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and