Skytap Dev/Test Environments on AWS

Skytap Support for AWS Infrastructure is Now Generally Available

Skytap provides SaaS-based dev/test environments to the enterprise. Skytap is ideal for development and test teams who require simple, self-service management of complex cloud computing environments, and team collaboration capabilities, while providing IT and management the visibility and control of users, and resource usage.

If you are using Amazon Web Services for production applications, you can now use Skytap's rich SaaS layer to manage dev/test environments that mirror production deployments. In addition, users of Skytap can now benefit from the reliability, low-cost, and global reach of Amazon Web Services along with the Skytap’s powerful software layer.

Self-Service Features Delivered by Skytap Environments on AWS

  • Easily create, save as a template, and re-create Amazon VPCs including subnets, gateways, routing rules, network ACLs, and EC2 instances.
  • Create rich networking topologies through Skytap’s intuitive user interface.
  • Provision as many VPC environment clones as needed on-demand.
  • Schedule future creation, execution, and deletion of VPCs.
  • Simplified desktop access to EC2 instances.
  • Improve collaboration with teams by sharing Skytap templates or Amazon VPCs.
  • Create environments as simple as single VM dev stacks or complex multi—VM, multi-network environments for functional and system testing.
  • Create golden versions of your application stacks and save them of as templates.

Visibility and Control Features Delivered by Skytap Environments on AWS:

  • Create projects with user or group role-based access controls to manage Skytap templates and Amazon resources.
  • Assign compute and storage quotas to users to ensure appropriate self-management of resource utilization.
  • Setup pro-active resource usage notifications to alert administrators or end-users when they are approaching subscription or quota limits.
  • Access a full audit trail of all user activity and usage reporting across users or groups.
  • Single sign on with standard SAML 2.0 integration to authenticate against on-premise directory services.

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SaaS-Based Development and Test Environments For The Enterprise