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Taking traditional apps to the cloud

Many organizations are challenged by how to migrate and run their traditional, business-critical applications in a cloud-centric world. Skytap removes this uncertainty, providing a quicker path to the cloud.

At Skytap our mission is simple: make it easy, fast, and safe for our customers to move and natively run their traditional systems in the public cloud with minimal change. Founded in 2006, we’ve spent over fifteen years working closely with enterprises globally to accelerate their journey to the cloud. During this time, we pioneered the path for IBM Power Systems to the cloud and partnered globally with Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.

Today, our customers use Skytap for running production, disaster recovery, virtual training labs, and development workloads. We are the best cloud service to support AIX, IBM i, and Linux on IBM Power together with x86 workloads. Learn more about our offerings here.

Skytap by the Numbers

Offices & Datacenters


Offices & Datacenters:

US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia

Customer Storage Utilized


Customer Storage Utilized:

5.4 exabytes

Networks Deployed


Networks Deployed:


VMS deployed


VMS deployed:

132.5 million


Brad Schick


Brad Schick | Skytap CEO


Barney Silver


Barney Silver, CFO


Rahul Tripathi


Rahul Tripathi, CPTO


Paul Farrall


Paul Farrall | Skytap CISO


Lee Jiles

SVP of Sales & Marketing

Lee Jiles | VP of Sales


Jon Schrader

SVP of Business Development & Customer Success

Jon Schrader | Skytap SVP of Sales & Customer Success


Nick Astete

VP of Engineering

Nick Astete | Skytap VP of Engineering


Kim Claditis

VP of Global Marketing

Kim Claditis | Skytap VP of Global Marketing


Kari Dickerson

VP of People

Kari Dickerson | Skytap VP of People


Steven Hunt

VP of Product Management

Steven Hunt | Skytap VP of Product Management


Jonathan Kuczer

VP and Corporate Controller

Jonathan Kuczer | Skytap VP and Corporate Controller


Mike Neil

VP of Solutions and Performance Engineering

Mike Neil | Skytap VP of Technical Field Operations


Sreekanth Pallikala

VP of Infrastructure Engineering

Sreekanth Pallikala | VP of Infrastructure Engineering


Neil Holloway

Executive Advisor

Neil Holloway | SVP of Business Development


Board of Directors

Frank J. Fanzilli |

Hillel Moerman |

Bill Richter | Qumulo Logo

Bob Kelly |

Stu Phillips | Insight Partners Logo

Brad Schick |

Matt McIlwain | Madrona Venture Group Logo

Skytap Investors

  1. Ignition Logo
  2. W Capital Partners
  3. Washington Research Logo
  4. Insight Partners Logo
  5. Madrona Venture Group Logo
  6. Goldman Sachs Logo

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