Service Delivery Offerings

Ensuring your success throughout cloud adoption stages

Migrate with ease with Skytap support and expertise

Skytap Service Delivery offerings are designed to ensure customer and partner success throughout the stages of cloud adoption. Our IBM Power experts have the skills and experience to lead Skytap proof-of-concepts, migrations and support your team post migration.

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Skytap Service Delivery Offerings

Migration Services

Migration Services for on-premises systems into Skytap: networking consultation and implementation, data migration consultation and implementation, system development and configuration.

Implementation of data protection

Implementation of data protection strategies within Skytap including Backup/Recovery, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery

PTF Management and OS upgrades

PTF Management and OS upgrades for LPARs running in Skytap to address security threats and vulnerabilities

security analysis and consulting services

Skytap security analysis and consulting services

Performance analysis and consulting

Performance analysis and consulting (IBM Power Systems)

Customized solutions and integrations

4-week proof-of-concept to migrate IBM Power workloads to Azure

Migration Services

Networking Consultation and Implementation
The Skytap Service Delivery Team provides cloud specific network architecture consultation along with implementation support including VPN configuration.

Data Migration Consultation and Implementation
The right data migration approach is dependent on variables including platform, RTO / RPO, application requirements, data set size, and more. The Skytap Service Delivery Team has the cross platform experience to plan and implement a strategic data migration approach to meet these requirements.

Data Protection Consultation and Implementation Services
The Skytap Service Delivery Team provides consultation and implementation services to help with Backup and Recovery, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery needs. The Skytap Service Delivery Team will determine the best solution, which can include Skytap product features such as Live Clone, use of a 3rd party tool, or a combination of strategies to meet business requirements.

Skytap on Azure Quick Start: 4-Week POC

IBM Power to Azure

Skytap is the only cloud service on Azure to support AIX, IBM i, and Linux on Power as well as x86 VMs. Let Skytap be your guide to transforming your IBM Power workloads. Our expert Services Delivery Team will lead your organization through a 4-week proof-of-concept to accelerate your IBM Power in the cloud journey.

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What’s Included:

  • Migration of two IBM LPARs from on-premises to Skytap on Azure
  • Planning and implementation of Skytap landing zone & network configuration
  • Support for creation of the on-premises backup images
  • Guidance and support for the migration of data from on-premises to Skytap
  • Building infrastructure components (i.e. NIS, NIM) within Skytap to support data migration
  • Restoring exact copies of LPARs from current system to Skytap on Azure

Additional Service Delivery Offerings

Security Consultation, Review and Best Practices

  • Securing network boundaries
  • Managing user and resource access
  • Security applications integrations

Technical Delivery

Assist with implementation of security devices, VPNs, and custom coding. Includes integration with external cloud security services or internal management tools with Skytap APIs.

Skytap Product Training

Skytap Product Training includes a dedicated Skytap Delivery Resource, in person or virtual, to provide training on Skytap functions/features and is typically scheduled as a 2 or 3 day event.

Skytap training scope may include:

  • Configuring VMs/LPARs and environments
  • Sharing and accessing environments
  • Managing environments and usage
  • Administering Skytap Cloud including creating users
  • Network and connectivity
  • Data migration and restoration
  • Data backup and recovery

PTF Management and OS Upgrades

OS/400 PTFs address security threats and vulnerabilities, correct problems and defects, and provide new functions and features. Set your mind at ease with Skytap’s PTF Management and OS Upgrades offering for LPARs running in Skytap.

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