Realistic Sales Demos and Proofs of Concept


Create reliable, intuitive demos in minutes

Course Manager empowers your sales teams with self-service provisioning of complex demo environments and POCs that mirror production environments. Requiring just a few clicks and no IT intervention, demo teams can build customized demos for every meeting from easy-to-use templates so your customers learn, understand, and test drive products.

Let customers experience products at their pace

Create more sales impact by letting customers see your products in action. Give them the ability to test drive realistic proofs of concept and access on-demand demos wherever they are with just a web browser. Provision demos in multiple regions for better performance.

Gain more insight and control over your demo program

Control costs by using Course Manager’s auto-suspend feature to stop idle labs and control costs. Streamline login management and demo access for large user bases with single sign-on (SSO). Integrate your demo program with Salesforce to measure ROI.

Tailor and manage demo assets

Customize demo portals with your own branding and integrate with intranet or other apps for a truly custom experience. Build complex demo images quickly with best-in-class tools. Import and use existing demo images to accelerate migration.


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