Give your traditional systems new life on Azure

Migrate entire IBM Power data center environments, including applications, data, and networking configurations, in as little as a few hours without rewriting or refactoring.

With Skytap, your traditional workloads — AIX, IBM i, Linux on IBM Power, and x86  — can run natively in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. This means your organization can take advantage of core cloud infrastructure capabilities, including capacity on demand, self-service provisioning, high availability, and disaster recovery (HA/DR). With Skytap on Azure, your business-critical applications are on the latest IBM Power hardware, procured and maintained by Microsoft.

With Skytap on Azure, you can minimize the latency between traditional workloads and those running natively on Azure. You also can enhance traditional applications to extract more value from your data with Azure services—including advanced analytics, AI/ML and Azure SQL—and more easily integrate traditional and Azure native applications.

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Software-defined data centers

Replicate on-premise data center environments including infrastructure, storage, networking, OS, middleware, memory state, and applications.

Support for Power and x86 workloads

Skytap is the only cloud service on Azure to support AIX, IBM i, and Linux on Power as well as x86 VMs.

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Dynamic environments

Easily create and discard clones of production-quality environments that contain everything an application needs to run.


Enable users to instantly access and self-provision as many production-quality environments as they need.


Embrace CI/CD automation to more rapidly build and deliver software environments and incorporate Azure DevOps into your workflow.

Management and control

Manage and control user roles, tags and usage labels, alerts, usage quotas, and automatic shut down or suspend/resume. Control and automate management functions with REST API.

Cloud native

Skytap runs on Microsoft Azure Dedicated Host (bare metal) to accelerate use of cloud native services.

Reliability and Reach

Skytap offers a 99.95% availability SLA across a global infrastructure.

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