Extend your cloud and DevOps strategy to datacenter-native applications.

Self-service, composite environments for developers and end users


Powerful APIs, third-party integrations, and an easy-to-use interface optimize DevOps flows with one-click, self-service environments for everyone.

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Application Modernization

With self-service environments that work like your data center, you gain immediate cloud benefits without the need to re-architect or learn new technologies.

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Virtual Training Labs

Easy-to-use features allow instructors to focus on creating engaging classes that represent real-world scenarios and allow students to learn at their own pace.

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Skytap solves the challenges of enterprise cloud adoption.


Skytap’s Template approach ensures that each environment is exactly the same, right down to the IP and MAC addresses.


Skytap Environments take seconds to provision, eliminating hours or days of unproductive time.

Ease of Use

Skytap’s intuitive design and robust quota management allow for a self-service approach to creating and managing environments.


Skytap makes getting applications into the cloud easy because there is no need to re-architect or recode.

“Skytap gives us the flexibility to fully simulate our production behavior down to the exact network topology so that we know what works in testing will work in production. We couldn’t do that with any other cloud provider.”Theo Beack
SVP & Chief Technology Officer

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