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Businesses Demand a Better Cloud

Enterprises want to be “cloud-first.” However, the majority of business-critical applications are locked in the datacenter, and cloud-native development often depends on these traditional applications.

The result is a lack of agility that slows innovation.

The Challenge with Most Public Clouds

Typical clouds were built for new, cloud-native development, forcing customers to rewrite their traditional applications before migrating.

These projects cost millions of dollars and years to complete.


The Only Cloud Designed for Traditional Applications

There is a better option – a public cloud that offers all the enterprise capabilities you expect and supports your existing applications natively. Skytap Cloud is designed for your traditional applications and can migrate them unchanged, without refactoring or rearchitecting.


Accelerating Cloud Innovation with Hybrid Applications

Once in Skytap Cloud, our customers innovate faster by building and running hybrid applications that combine traditional components with cloud-native services.

Skytap Cloud’s approach to modernization preserves your investment in these critical applications, while enabling you to leverage the new cloud services required to meet tomorrow’s business needs.

That’s genius.

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Enterprises use Skytap Cloud For:

Cloud Migration

Skytap Cloud matches your existing datacenter, so you can migrate traditional applications unchanged in just days.

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Skytap Cloud supports DevOps and agile initiatives by providing self-service access to production-ready, IT-approved resources.

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Teams can introduce modern architectures like container-based microservices incrementally, while maximizing existing investments.

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Global Public Cloud

Skytap Cloud supports enterprises with always-on, global workloads across a worldwide network of datacenters.
We offer:

  • 99.95% SLA
  • Self-contained, virtual datacenter environments
  • Production-ready environments
  • Highly customizable compute, storage, OS, and network settings
  • Granular, role-based access controls
  • Dedicated regions available for sensitive workloads
  • Robust management features and dashboard
  • REST API for automated management and integrations
  • Secure connections to other clouds or on-premises datacenters
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Also Delivered As IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions

Skytap is an IBM Gold Partner and one of IBM’s leading cloud partners. IBM delivers Skytap Cloud alongside its robust portfolio of cloud solutions, enabling customers to:

  • Accelerate time to delivery
  • Release higher quality software
  • Lower cost of development per release

In addition to being a partner, IBM is also a Skytap customer, using Skytap Cloud in multiple internal organizations to improve its business agility and lower IT costs.

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