Your traditional applications, now in the cloud

Skytap is the best cloud service to run IBM Power and x86 workloads natively in the public cloud.


skytap cloud server

Production & Disaster Recovery

Migrate, run, and protect traditional production environments in the cloud without re-writing – all with high availability, automated DR, and backup solutions.

skytap app dev and testing

Application Development & Testing

Enhance existing applications with new capabilities by freeing them from the data center. Open the door to faster innovation with cloud native development practices.

skytap virtual training and labs

Virtual Software Training & Labs

Go beyond in-person training. Deliver instructor-led and on demand, self-paced instruction to anyone, anywhere with high performance virtual labs.

skytap demo & POCs

Demo & Proofs of Concept

Quickly and easily create functioning demos and proofs of concept that prospective customers can test drive wherever they are. No IT support necessary.

Skytap makes it easy to get business critical applications out of the data center and into the cloud. Run your on-premises IBM Power and x86 workloads in their native format on Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. You no longer have to contemplate embarking on a long, costly migration project to unlock cloud scale and agility.

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Run Power and x86 Applications Natively in the Cloud

Skytap supports AIX, IBM i, and Linux on IBM Power Systems as well as x86 workloads. Run business-critical applications and workloads natively without the need to re-code for cloud deployment.

Innovate Faster

Developers and testers can create as many production-like environments as they need, increasing product release and test frequency while improving software quality. Now you can integrate modern software development practices, including Agile, CI/CD and DevOps, into your delivery workflow.

Migrate with Ease

Extensible application environments replicate on-premises configurations, with robust Layer 2 networking support to simplify migration of even the most complex applications. Migration can take just hours for less complex configurations.

Get Cloud Scalability and Reliability

Users can instantly provision new environments with a single click. Guaranteed high availability (99.95% SLA) and integration with both on-prem and cloud-based automated disaster recovery and backup tools ensures business continuity.

skytap cloud

Choose your Cloud

Skytap offers you the flexibility to migrate workloads to Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. Enhance the functionality of your legacy applications by taking advantage of advanced Azure and IBM Cloud services.

skytap integration

Integrate Seamlessly

Skytap has a REST API and supports open source tools for automated management of VMs and environments as well as your existing tools for development, test and DevOps.

skytap capacity

Get Capacity on Demand

With consumption based pricing, you only pay for the compute and storage resources you use. Minimize capital outlays and shift to operational spending with real-time controls.

What's New

Tapping the Cloud for IBM i Disaster Recovery

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Having a robust DR solution in place is more important than ever. Maxava and Skytap DRaaS delivers the same strong disaster preparedness as an on-premise without the excess costs and with the ease of working with a single service provider. Be prepared for the worst-case scenario without having to manage and maintain infrastructure.

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