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Traditional Apps Are Not Cloud-Ready

Enterprises face a problem today: they want to be cloud-first but their businesses run on applications that were not built for the cloud. To migrate these apps into the cloud, companies spend years of effort and millions of dollars re-architecting them so they’ll be cloud-compatible.

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The Challenge with AWS and Azure

There are big differences between cloud-based resources and on-premises infrastructure. Most IaaS offerings like AWS and Azure are built for new, cloud-native apps. The challenge is that it’s difficult and expensive to refactor traditional enterprise applications. This is because production-ready software must be explicitly architected to function well in the cloud.

Skytap Makes Cloud Possible for Enterprise Applications

We are the only cloud provider that supports the unique complexities of your existing enterprise applications.

Lift and Shift in Days

Skytap public cloud is designed to replicate your existing data center and network, so you can migrate traditional applications unchanged in just days.

Clone Complete Environments

Skytap packages vms and networks into composite Environments that can be cloned and shared around the globe. End users typically need production-ready environments, not infrastructure. Delivering self-service production clones enables many transformative solutions.

Environments Faster Than Ever Before

Our patented technology enables the cloning of complex, multi-terabyte environments within minutes, not hours or days—defying the laws of gravity when dealing with large data sets.

“There are a lot of cloud providers out there. On the surface, you could argue that Amazon and Azure provide a similar service, but if you need to build 100 templates tomorrow or in five minutes, they fall short. What Skytap brings to the table is repeatability. In three minutes and one touch of a button, you can have your environments fully configured. That’s the true value of Skytap.”

Stephen Carlino
Director of Technical Operations, CA Technologies

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