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High Availability/Disaster Recovery

Skytap for High Availability/Disaster Recovery

Scale effortlessly while safeguarding the functions that matter most to your business with Skytap’s cloud-based high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solution. Skytap gives your business the ability to replicate complete production environments in the cloud in their native formats, making it an ideal DR solution and giving your business the peace of mind that data and applications are always accessible.

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Benefits of Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity

Ensure business continuity

Skytap gives your business peace of mind with a cloud-based disaster recovery and high availability solution (HA/DR). This includes cold and warm off-site recovery for applications running on IBM i, AIX, Linux on Power, and x86 platforms within your datacenter, as well as across Skytap’s geographic regions.

Gain reliability and flexibility

Gain reliability and flexibility

Switch critical production work to the Skytap environment when an outage occurs and immediately scale up to meet your capacity needs. Skytap’s HA/DR capabilities combine built-in functionality with integrated support with integrated support for leading third-party solutions to deliver robust options to address your specific business requirements.

Accelerate recovery while controlling costs

Accelerate recovery while controlling costs

With Skytap you can be back up and running fast — without the expense of added hardware, maintenance, network, and facilities costs. Cloud-based capacity on demand means you have environments available when you need them and you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Disaster Recovery As a Service (DRaaS) from Skytap

Skytap understands that disaster recovery is a critical business function, especially for organizations running on IBM servers. DRaaS enables the delivery of a hot backup environment using cloud-based hardware infrastructure instead of an in-house on-premise server. With Skytap, you can essentially replace your on-premise DR server with a fully managed and monitored environment in the cloud. The Skytap portal makes it easy to configure and manage all aspects of production-equivalent environments, including allocating resources such as CPW, memory, storage, and networking configurations. If your business needs more computing power, memory, or storage, it can be easily added to the environment.

Pilot Light Your Cloud Strategy

Using Skytap for DRaaS gives your business experience having IBM i or other legacy environments in the cloud, proving out the ability to move production environments and workloads into the cloud when necessary. With native workloads in the cloud, your business can consider how it can begin to innovate, become more responsive, gain flexibility with legacy applications, and reduce costs.

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Customer Success Stories

With no easy recovery option for a business-critical legacy ERP system running on outdated IBM Power hardware, TCM Living faced the risk of significant disruption in the event of a disaster recovery scenario. Working with a technology partner, the company successfully created a native DR instance within Skytap on the Azure cloud, facilitating rapid recovery without the need for ongoing investments in new on-premises hardware.

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We were looking for a cost-effective way to keep our legacy system running, and above all we wanted to avoid buying new Power hardware.

– Nik Hall, Chief Investment Officer, TCM Living

In order to drive operational efficiency and reduce its dependence on a physical data center, ArcelorMittal sought a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution for its SAP applications running on AIX on IBM hardware. The company successfully migrated its business-critical SAP on-premise environment to Skytap on Azure, improving its disaster recovery readiness while minimizing its physical infrastructure dependency.

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With our Skytap subscription in Azure, it’s very easy to predict costs, forecast spending, and plan our budget out six months, one year, etc.

– Alexandr Chsherbov, Deputy Head of Centre for IT Infrastructure

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