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Your applications should keep pace with your changing business needs. Regardless of how the applications that run your business were developed, they need to continuously evolve to meet your customer and market needs. Skytap lets you supercharge your traditional applications with cost-effective cloud capabilities. And by incorporating agile development practices into your software development workflow, you can improve the frequency and quality of releases.

Make existing applications more powerful

Preserve the IP in your traditional applications while embedding new functionality. With cloud capabilities such as capacity on demand and self-service provisioning of replica production environments, arm your development teams for innovation and improved development processes. REST APIs support automation and easy integration with dev, test, and DevOps tools.

Improve testing

Testing applications running on traditional systems can be difficult, particularly when configuration drift creates mismatches between production and test environments. Skytap makes it easy for test teams to access complete, validated templates of applications and data to create accurate testing instances.

Increase the pace of innovation

With the ability to quickly provision and discard copies of production environments as necessary, Skytap enables your dev teams to innovate more frequently. Now you can leverage modern software practices like DevOps, CI/CD automation, and cloud-native tools to upgrade and build applications that are more responsive to your business and customer needs.

This year, it’s a major initiative to modernize our traditional application portfolio. With the help of Skytap, we are moving to a microservices strategy in order to achieve continuous software delivery.

Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Computer Software Company

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