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Skytap for Production Workloads

Give your business applications greater resilience and more flexibility to adapt to changing needs by moving them to the cloud. Skytap makes it easy to move IBM Power workloads to the cloud including IBM i (AS/400), AIX, and Linux on Power workloads into the cloud without expensive replatforming. Innovate faster and scale effortlessly while safeguarding the functions that matter the most to your business and customers.

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Key Benefits of Skytap

Software-defined data center (SDDC)

Skytap replicates on-premises data center environments on Power Systems or x86 VMs residing in either Azure or IBM Cloud, including infrastructure, storage, and networking.

Support for Power and x86 workloads

Skytap is the only public cloud service to support AIX, IBM i, and Linux on Power running together with x86 VMs.

Consumption-based pricing

Pay only for actual resources used, reducing CAPEX. Skytap offers reserve capacity pricing incentives for consistent capacity use.

Reliable, flexible global infrastructure

Skytap offers 99.95% availability SLA, multi-tenant architecture using public or private data center regions, and global reach with presences in North America, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Dynamic environments

Create and discard clones of production-quality environments, each of which is an SDDC that contains everything an application needs to run.

Software-defined networking

Skytap provides unique support for complex Layer-2 and Layer-3 networking, along with secure VPN and NAT connections to external environments.

Run SAP NetWeaver Workloads Natively in Azure with Skytap

Skytap creates a path to Azure for organizations running applications based on the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform on AIX on-premises.
With Skytap, you can run SAP production workloads on IBM AIX natively in Microsoft Azure including: SAP NetWeaver, SAP BusinessObjects™, and SAP ERP.

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Migrate production workloads to the cloud with Skytap

Traditional business-critical applications running in the data center lack the reliability and functionality you need to support the changing face of business. Migrating these often-fragile applications to the cloud has historically meant rewriting or rearchitecting code that may be decades old. With Skytap you can migrate and run on-premises production workloads in the cloud without costly code changes.

Give production workloads
more horsepower

You need the applications that are the backbone of your business to operate with maximum uptime and performance. Skytap runs your production workloads natively on the latest hardware, with all the reliability and scalability that comes with the cloud.

Migrate traditional applications
without rewriting

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to mean time-consuming re-factoring or re-architecting. Skytap lets you move complete environments – including VMs/LPARs, applications, and network configurations – to Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. Migration is fast and simple, taking as little as a few hours.

Extend the life of
existing applications

Skytap gives you the power to upgrade traditional applications with cloud service capabilities and benefits, including secure, low latency connectivity to native services on Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. Upgrade applications incrementally, and at your pace, rather than rewriting them from the ground up.

Customer Success Stories

A major acquisition offered Rivus the chance to transform its market coverage and service capabilities—but the clock was ticking to extract the acquired company’s IT systems from its previous owner’s data center. With Skytap on Azure, Meridian IT helped Rivus migrate IBM Power to the Microsoft Azure cloud, on time and with minimal disruption—while accelerating system performance and boosting user productivity by 25%.

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Skytap on Azure proved an excellent solution for running the IBM Power migration and ongoing infrastructure management. The Skytap service gives us real flexibility for matching cloud server capacity to our workloads, helping us to operate as cost efficiently as possible.

– Jason Evans, Chief Information Officer, Rivus

Because its legacy system was running on aging hardware over a decade old and no longer supported by IBM, media company Clear Channel Italy needed to migrate its AS/400 production workloads to Azure. The company successfully migrated its legacy AS/400 workloads to Skytap on Azure and without business disruption, gaining peace of mind knowing that it is no longer at risk from continuing to run its legacy workloads on old, difficult to replace hardware.

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Thanks to our successful migration to Skytap on Azure, our IBM production workloads are now running flawlessly in the cloud.

– Claudio Levi, Clear Channel Outdoor Senior Infrastructure Architect

Under a tight deadline, engineering firm Intertek-PSI needed to “lift and shift” its IBM Power-based ERP and other critical business applications from an existing service provider into the cloud. The company successfully migrated four LPARs, more than forty x86 VMs and 29 terabytes of data into Skytap on Azure in three months without impacting users or rewriting applications. The new environment provides increased performance, reliability, and disaster recovery capabilities for the same or lower cost.

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We thought we’d have to re-platform everything, and so the ability to take our environment and move it up into the cloud was very successful. The move was so smooth.

– Aaron Wetherhold, IT Director, Building & Construction Division, Intertek-PSI

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